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Porsche-Designed Electric Scooter Full of Taiwanese Flavors

published: 2023-06-12 9:30

Yadea has officially announced its electric scooter F200, which is primarily designed by Porsche, and not only does it possess powerful performance, but also resembles scooters seen in Taiwan. Unfortunately, the model will not be released in the Taiwanese market.

VF F200, the brainchild between Yadea and Porsche Design, was finally announced officially this week. Judging by the end result, the two companies did adhere with the concept of a performance sports car when designing this powerful electric scooter.

VF F200 has a power of 10kW that is roughly equivalent to 13.4hp, which is much stronger than that of white-label scooters currently available on the Taiwanese market. The official maximum speed is 100km/h, and it only takes 2.5 seconds for the VF F200 to accelerate from 0 to 50. Diesel scooters are unable to catch up to the high torque and starting speed of electric scooters, and the difference has been further widened when the power goes up to 10kW.

Yadea is responsible for the powertrain, while Porsche handles the primary design of the scooter. The concave and circular headlight, as well as the almost flattened backseat design, are the two major highlights of the scooter. The taillight and the arrow dashboard are probably the only two areas that makes the scooter a “Porsche-designed” vehicle.

Yadea VF F200 is primarily designed by Porsche.

Despite being produced by a Chinese manufacturer, F200 is first targeted at European markets such as Spain, with an approximate price tag of EU 6,000 that is about NT$180K.

The battery of VF F200 is located at the bottom of the vehicle, which provides a larger storage compartment in return at 31L. The two batteries are each 27Ah, for which the company claims could arrive at more than 120km in each single trip, but the figure could be calculated based on a speed of 30km/h.

We wonder if such visual design approach would be met with praises in the Taiwanese market.

 (Photo source: Yadea)

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