YAMAHA Announcing Hydrodynamic Motorcycle Might Just be a Misunderstanding

published: 2020-12-21 18:30 | editor: | category: News

Will the mesmerizing design, paired with the astonishing black technology, as well as Yamaha’s reputation in boasting technological advancement, facilitate the mass production of this legendary hydrodynamic vehicle? It might just be a misunderstanding after all.

Perhaps everyone has become weary in seeing the profound quantity of electric vehicle news recently, as the news of the hydrodynamic vehicle managed to arouse a small commotion.

Rumor has it that Yamaha will be commencing mass production for this concept vehicle XT 500 H2O in 2025, which runs on the element of water that actuates the motor and drive the rear wheels, and the used water can return to within the motor for recycling. This vehicle is like a perpetual motion machine that can operate for eternity.

What’s more is that this futuristic vehicle that pays tribute to the classic design is going into mass production in 2025, which is entirely unimaginable. Unfortunately, it is not what it seems to be.

First, the so-called concept that will be “officially announced” in the near term is actually a creation of Australia designer Maxime Lefebvre back in 2016, when he worked with Yamaha at the event of “XT Revival”, which celebrated the classic model XT500 from 1976, and called on automotive fanatics and designers all around the world to commemorate the 40th birthday for XT500, whilst design various new concepts by imagining the beautiful future.

Yamaha stated three directions of paying tribute, lightweight, and inexhaustible during this creative activity. Lefebvre thought that the significant cross-country performance of XT500 is more in line with the nature, thus he had chosen the concept on inexhaustible for his creation, and the element of water, which introduced this hydrodynamic motorcycle.

Apart from completing the overall design, Lefebvre also paid meticulous attention to details, and even produced a series of rendering that look just like the real thing. The result of this project received major resonance when it was announced in 2016, and the design of the vehicle is definitely one of the most astounding pieces in recent years.

The motor for this hydrodynamic concept vehicle looks just like two Dyson vacuum cleaners, where the vertical component is the water tank, and the horizontal part is responsible for pressurization, whereas the purple ring is the water pump.

So where did the concept of mass production in 2025 come from? A line of words “2025 What’s Next?” appeared in the designer’s manuscript, which represents the origin of this project, and the future imagination for reshaping the classic XT series. Unfortunately, the overseas media had used this as one of the clues for the production of this vehicle, which became even more exaggerated when translated into Chinese. The original paragraph from the foreign media is as follows:

“No word yet on whether or not Yamaha is pursuing the development of the H20 XT, but the year 2025 can be seen in one of Lefebvre’s sketches. Perhaps we’ll receive updates from the motorcycle manufacturer in a few years?”

Finally, and most important, is that how are there absolutely no news on the official website of Yamaha, if the company has indeed invented a motorcycle that runs purely on water, and is able to operate perpetually, with the entire Taiwanese media knowing about it?

Even though this is an article used for refuting a rumor, I do truly hope that Yamaha eventually produces this hydrodynamic motorcycle, which will inevitably become the best seller of the company.

 (Photo source: Maxime Lefebvre)

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