Kymco Dominates Market for 21 Consecutive Years with Almost No Inventory of Phase-7 Model Left Under Government Subsidy

published: 2021-01-20 18:30 | editor: | category: News

Kymco celebrated its 21 years of dominance in the scooter market of Taiwan at the Taipei Motorcycle Show that opened on January 7th. The company is once again crowned as the sales leader in 2020 with over 350K scooters sold throughout the year, and CEO Ko Chun-ping commented that the phase-7 eco vehicles subsidized by the government have sold significantly well, with almost no inventory left, after the implementation of “equality between fuel and electric vehicles”.

The scooter industry suffered a major blow from the pandemic in early 2020. However, in the second quarter, there was a comprehensive recovery in the sales of scooters in Taiwan and overseas, and the industry managed to achieve the best record since 1995 by selling 1.03 million units of scooters for the entire year. The king of scooter Kymco remained the successive leader with 350K units sold.

 “Consumers are now more willing to replace their old fuel models with the latest phase-7 eco models”, said Ko Chun-ping, the CEO of Kymco. Ko also commented that the phase-7 models have sold substantially well under the subsidization of the government. Ko mentioned how the company usually has around 30K units of inventory, and the figure had dropped to merely 1000 on the last day of 2020, where numerous consumers were still fighting to get a taste of their products, even if it meant being in a long queue.

The Executive Yuan on January 7th announced that the subsidy on scooters will be handled accordingly next year, so those who are looking to purchase should not worry on not receiving the subsidization for replacement.

The sales of electric scooters, which highlight on environmental appeals, had gone down in 2020 after the environmental subsidization, with less than 100K units in total sales, occupying merely 9% of the total sales of scooters.

The eye-catching electric scooter F9 is also available on site for close proximity inspection.

In addition, Kymco is also showcasing its two latest electric vehicles of electric motorcycle RevoNEX and the brand new sports electric motorcycle F9 at the Taipei Motorcycle Show that is currently hosting at the New Taipei City Exhibition Hall. Those who are interested are welcome to visit the exhibition and appreciate the vehicles in close proximity, while savor the meticulous craftsmanship of the leading manufacturer.

 (Photo source: captured by TechNews)

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