Tesla Showcases Third Generation Wall Connector that Connects to WiFi for Automatic Firmware Updates

published: 2021-03-03 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Tesla Taiwan hosted a media gathering on a rare occasion last week, where the company presented its 3rd generation residential charger that offers additional function for users, while also elevating on safety specifications.

According to the official statistics, the 3rd generation wall connector adopts a single-phase electric power of 220V, and the main features lies on how the users are able to adjust the current of the connector from 12A to 48A via network, and configure to their desired scenarios in accordance with the grid conditions at home.

In addition, the new wall connector is now equipped with the function of wireless network connection, and is able to perform OTA (Over the Air) automatic updates for Tesla models to receive the latest functions.

What is intriguing is what other new functions that this new connector has. In terms of the existing version, apart from a comprehensive support of a Chinese interface, access control is also added, where users are able to configure if they wish to restrict charging for Tesla models. In addition, functions such as “power sharing” and “charging fees” may also be incorporated in the future.

Remote access charging interface.

Priced at NT$19K, the 3rd generation wall connector comes with a 4-year official warranty, and has been upgraded substantially in security such as the new integrated protection on electrical leakages, and the glass panel adopted for the casing is IP54 and UL certified.

Tesla also commissions construction vendors of certification in high specifications to assist users in installation and ensure the conformity with the national regulations, as well as construct artistic grooves or independent bases according to the status of the site, while also offering the installation service for mechanic parking space (limited to an ascending and descending movement). And let’s not forget about the free unit replacement in 48 hours within the duration of the warranty.

The connector is suitable for mechanic parking spaces that move up and down as it adopts a “cable carrier”-like device.

Tesla commented that there are currently 9000 units of wall connectors in Taiwan, and a total of 1,800 apartment complexes are equipped with charging parking spaces ranging from new construction to old building that are more than 40 years old. The primary charging source for a little more than 10K of Taiwanese users is from their home, and supercharges merely account for 10%.

Tesla is also offering consultation and assistance in order to facilitate installation of the wall connector at the car owners’ homes. The company commented that apartment complexes with charging parking spaces are able to generate purchase willingness of additional electric vehicle owners and provide community values, and the more important contribution is the reduction in exhaust and waste heat that will further elevate living quality.

 (Photo source: Tesla)

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