TSEC Receives Orders for 240MW Projects from Largest PV Facilities in Taiwan, Stands to Make NT$2.5 Billion Profit

published: 2021-05-07 9:30 | editor: | category: News

TSEC recently announced that it had received orders for 240 MW of solar panels from two large-scale PV facilities. The projects are expected to generate about NT$2.3-2.5 billion for TSEC, which will fulfill the orders from April 2021 to February 2022.

TSEC indicates that the two large-scale ground-mounted PV power stations are both located in western Taiwan, with a combined total capacity of, as previously mentioned, 240 MW. Once constructed, they are expected to generate more than 320 million kWh of electricity per year. Of the two facilities, one will be the largest ground-mounted PV facility in Taiwan after completion. In addition to the previous contract for a 120 MW large-scale aquavoltaic power station for which TSEC is currently shipping PV panels, TSEC is fully loaded with contracts in 2021, and the long-term visibility for its orders and sales performances remains high throughout the year.

Publicly available data suggest that the two large-scale facilities will mark the fifth large-scale project fulfilled by TSEC following the 70 MW Chiayi, 150 MW Taipower Qigu, 181 MW Marubeni Changhua Binhai Industrial Park, and 100 MW Taiwan Sugar detention basin projects. For the two new facilities in question, TSEC will make use of the latest high-performance double-sided electricity generation technology, which permits the back of solar modules to generate electricity as well. These products are capable of not only massively raising the electricity generation performance of power stations, but also making good use of the real estate by staggeringly improving the ROI for the facilities’ various investors.

TSEC indicates that, in the post-pandemic era, PV batteries and modules have been spiking in costs due to the price hike and even shortage of raw materials. In order to stabilize the price hike of domestic PV modules, TSEC has itself absorbed some of the increases in costs, while also maintaining a responsible attitude in signing several supply agreements with upstream suppliers ahead of time, in turn allowing TSEC to not only stabilize its supply of materials, but also adjust to the changes in material costs in a timely manner. These measures are undertaken such that TSEC’s developer clients are able to successfully finish their PV projects, thereby helping the MOEA meet Taiwan’s targeted PV installation capacity.

Some juristic person pointed out that TSEC’s latest PV module production lines have been in operation since 2021, while TSEC’s large-sized battery production lines, which boast the latest specs in Taiwan, are also expected to enter pilot runs. On the whole, TSEC’s total production capacity has more than doubled from last year’s 500 MW to the current 1 GW. Furthermore, TSEC’s revenue has grown by double digits since March. The company is now fully committed to assisting the Taiwanese government meet the green energy installation capacity that it failed to meet last year. TSMC’s business operations going forward appear bullish from perspectives including production capacity, product spec/technology, policy compliance, and client orders in comparison with its competitors.

 (Image: TechNews)

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