AUO Marches Further in Water Resource Management by Obtaining the First ISO 46001 System Verification in Taiwan

published: 2021-05-18 9:30 | editor: | category: News

AUO has achieved yet another milestone in its implementation of green management. The company announced on May 5th that the first verification certification of ISO 46001 water efficiency management systems in Taiwan has been earned by its factory located at the Central Taiwan Science Park. The ISO 46001 is organized by the International Organization for Standardization, which constantly elevates the efficiency of water usage by adhering to the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) circular quality management, as well as optimizes the overall water usage performance of businesses, through an establishment of management indicators.

Taiwan has recently been hit with the most severe draught in half a century, and the topic on water resources is now a priority among the government and industry chain, who are seeking ways to conserve and locate water, as well as achieving high efficiency water management. AUO managed to develop a visual electronic sub platform for waterway map using the big data flow derived from production, for which the data analysis, together with the comprehensive review and dynamics on water usage in all procedures, allows management staffs to instantly locate high water consumption equipment and excavate additional opportunities in water conservation from the source.

In addition, AUO has also incorporated water resource evaluation for its manufacturing process design and procurement specification, where the front-end review that is now even more spontaneous has effectively reduced water usage in back-end processes, and helped the company in achieving the 2025 target on water conservation and creation in advance, which actively responded to the 6th goal of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals regarding “a substantial elevation in water usage efficiency, and resolving water scarcity”.

Not only that, AUO also implemented advance control and management on water resources owing to the critical property to business operation by including the topic of water resources in the management items for critical climate risks during 2019 through the management framework of “Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)”, and establishing monitoring centers for water regime, expert consultation network, water tanker preparation, and water source probing from a diversified reserve mechanism, which is able to effectively lower the threats of water shortages on business operation. AUO, at the same time, joined hands with the Taichung City Government, and the Taichung Shuinan Water Resource Recycle Center will be providing 9,400 tons of reclaimed water every day in the future as one of the water production methods.

AUO commented that the global industry chain is highly concerned over the topic of water resources amidst the frequent extreme climates as well as the aggravated status of droughts and floods, and the company will continue to cultivate in the technology of sustainable water resource management, alongside a comprehensive optimization on the efficiency of water usage. Apart from initiating the first autonomously researched and developed wastewater recycling technology in 2015, as well as seeking for solutions that are more in line with economic benefits through the best integration of water usages, AUO had elevated the overall recycling rate of water derived from processes to nearly 95% in the beginning of 2021, and an increase in production capacity will still drastically reduce water usage, take into account competiveness and environmental symbiosis, as well as lower the dependency on natural water resources.

 (Cover photo source: AUO)

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