Renault Works with ST on Electronic Power and Hopes to Lower Cost of EVs and HEVs by 30%

published: 2021-07-26 9:30 | editor: | category: News

In order to elevate the performance of EVs and HEVs, as well as implement carbon reduction, Renault announced a strategic partnership with STMicroelectronics (ST), where the latter will be responsible for the design, R&D, manufacturing, and provision of the chips and relevant packaging solutions required by the electronic systems used for BEVs and HEVs. These technologies further reduce the cost of battery, enhance battery endurance, reduce charging time, and minimize the cost of the users through lowering power losses and elevating performance.

Renault CEO Luca de Meo commented that the partnership with ST is able to further improve the performance in battery capacity, driving, and charging of Renault’s EVs and HEVs, as well as provide a guarantee for the future supply of critical components. These critical components will help to lower 45% of energy loss, and reduce the cost of the powertrain by 30%, in order to produce EVs that can accumulate consumers, generate profit for the company, and derive market popularity.

The partnership of Renault and ST aims to enhance the performance of the electronic systems in Renault’s EVs and HEVs using the WBG semiconductor technology and products of ST. The two companies will co-develop high efficiency and fitting modular components based on Renault’s technical requirements on SiC components, GaN transistors, as well as relevant packaging and modules.

Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO of ST, pointed out that the advanced semiconductor products and solutions, such as SiC and GaN, are able to support Renault in realizing its strategies pertaining to the next generation EVs and HEVs. This partnership is another major advancement in the periodic carbon reduction project initiated by the auto industry and its supply chain.

 (Cover photo source: Renault)

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