Greece to Announce Plan for 2.1GW of Solar and Wind Project Tenders That Will Continue to 2024

published: 2021-08-02 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The Greek government stated that it will be allocating 2.1GW of renewable generation capacity over six tender rounds through 2024. The capacity quota for each of the six rounds is set at 350MW. The plan is scheduled to be presented in July. This news was first reported by website

According to reporting by various renewable energy news outlets, Greece will be issuing another 350MW of renewable energy tenders this year and intends to provide another 2.1GW of future tenders through 2024. This means that Greece’s current tendering program, which was originally set to end this year, will be extended to 2024 as well. The extension was apparently the result of a long negotiation between the country’s Ministry of Energy and Environment and the European Commission from last December to this month.

Similar to previous rounds of renewable energy tenders, the future tender rounds for 2.1GW of targeted generation capacity will allow solar and wind project developers to compete with each other. However, the results of the recent tenders show that solar PV has been dominant. As for the regions (e.g., Cyclades, Crete, Evia, and Peloponnese) that have already seen substantial deployment of PV systems, the Greek government has also allocated an additional 1GW of tenders for special and small-scale solar projects.

The coverage from renewable energy news outlets has also found that the preparation for the first of the six rounds will begin this autumn following the release of the tender plan and schedule in July. The Ministry of Energy and Environment hopes that the European Commission will have already endorsed its plan by then. A report released last year by the European Commission said that Greece aims to have renewable energies meet 61% of the overall domestic electricity consumption by 2030.

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