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Tesla Announces a US$1 Million Price Tag for Megapack

published: 2021-08-02 9:30

Tesla released the 3MWh grid-grade energy storage device Megapack in 2019, which ascended the company’s battery energy storage business to a new level, and now Tesla has revealed the price tag for this enormous battery for the first time. The battery is priced at US$1,235,890 (approx. NT$34.63 million), and does not include tax and annual maintenance cost.

The price may be unattainable for ordinary consumers, but Megapack is an industrial power storage product that is considered as a bargain for public utility companies.

Sitting at a capacity of 2MWh and measuring at a similar dimension to a cargo container, Megapack is integrated with battery modules, inverters, and a thermal system, and can be concatenated into a 1GWh energy storage power plant. Tesla claims that Megapack has 60% more energy density than Powerpack, and the battery can be installed on-site and transported through cargo containers, providing both convenience and flexibility.

The release of Megapack was instantly received with astounding responses despite zero information on the pricing. The 142-Tesla Megapack that replaces the natural gas power plant at Ventura County, California, as well as the 1GWh power plant in North California, and Apple’s establishment of a large energy storage system at the nearby area of the California solar plant, are all rumored to be using the sizeable battery of Tesla.

Foreign media Eelctrek reported that Tesla had updated its official store last week, and announced the price and configuration of the Megapack. As indicated on the official website, the pricing varies according to the number of batteries configured and the state. For instance, a single unit of Megapack costs US$1,235,890 in California, with a capacity of 0.8MW/3MWh, and the price does not include tax and the annual maintenance (additional 2% each year).

Power companies would usually buy more than one unit. The default purchase quantity is set at 10 units on the official website, which is 7.6MW/30.5MWh, and costs roughly US$9,999,290 in California, where the electricity price will be US$327.87/kWh.

Tesla also announced the necessary procedures one would have to go through before acquiring a single unit of Megapack. First, a motor and a civil engineering power plant design are required, followed by an obtainment of a ministerial project license. After the prolonged preliminary processes comes the construction phase, which requires 480V motor equipment, MV-transformers that are suitable for flat ground and foundation, as well as the capability of adaptation and critical load reserve.

Similar to other products, it only becomes cheaper for the Megapack when you order more. Electrek estimates that the electricity price can be lowered to US$280/kWh if you decided to place a massive order of 100 units; however, the premise is that you would have to wait for several years, as the product is only available within the US right now. The product will be available as early as next year if the location of establishment is within California, otherwise an arrival time of 2023 is expected.

 (Cover photo source: Tesla)

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