First Scooter between eMoving and Gogoro EZ1 Launches Starting from NT$58,900

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EZ1, the first scooter between eMoving and Gogoro, has officially launched on August 10th. This green label scooter adopted with a single battery architecture is priced starting from NT$58,900, and buyers would enjoy a better bargain after subsidization. EZ1 is also the third green label scooter under the PBGN system, and is ready to heat up the electric scooter market.

eMoving has finally released its first electric scooter EZ1 after announcing the partnership with Gogoro and the participation in the PBGN alliance last year. To show respect to the market of ie125, eMoving decided to first penetrate into the green label market, offering yet another option for the housewife consumer group.

eMoving EZ1

In terms of specifications, EZ1 is quite similar to Viva and PGO Ur2, and they are all equipped with a 3kW hub motor paired with two rear shock absorbers. Similarly, EZ1 also has a maximum speed of 50km/h, and a body weight of 80kg, as well as a seat height of 74cm, with a 21L storage box.

Compared to the traffic cone-like design of Viva and the smiley curve of Ur2, the design of EZ1 resembles a familiar tech gadget. Does anyone know what it is?

EZ1 is NT$3,000 more than Viva Keyless despite similar specifications, and the main differences are the additional storage space and the storage hook at the front of the scooter, as well as the standard configuration of armrest at the rear seat. These extra accessories offer a better bargain for EZ1.  

eMoving is offering a discount of NT$5,000 for those buying the vehicle prior to August 31st, and the additional accessory set at $3,900 makes it a worthy purchase.

As the version only comes with one single battery, a NT$499 unlimited plan is highly likely to be offered for the first year, even though the relevant plans have yet to be announced. Remember to include EZ1 into your list if you are looking to buy a small scooter.

 (Cover photo source: eMoving)

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