Orsted’s Greater Changhua, First 100% MIT Offshore Wind Farm, Completed Underwater Foundation

published: 2021-11-16 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Orsted announced on November 2 that the first 100% Taiwan-made jacket foundation for the wind turbines of the first phase 900MW section of the Greater Changhua Southeast and Southwest offshore wind farms have been completed by SDMS under CSC, with all inspection and production now verified.

The jacket foundations for wind turbines are enormous steel structures that each weighs over 1,200 tons and stands at 60-80m (the equivalent of a 20-30 floor building), with thousands of varied sizes components. The sizable underwater foundations are specially designed according to the climate and seabed condition for the first phase of the Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farm at the southeast and southeast regions. They are designed to last for at least 25-30 years.

Christy Wang, General Manager of Orsted Taiwan, commented that SDMS gradually established and enhanced the technology surrounding welding and manufacturing by working and learning closely with Orsted over the past 3 years under no experience in offshore wind power, and managed to conform with international quality as well as environmental, safety, and health requirements. Next, SDMS needs to replicate its successful experience onto continuous production. Orsted expects to install this batch of 100% Taiwan made jacket foundations in early 2022.

This is one of the most essential achievements for Orsted pertaining to the implementation of localization in offshore wind power within Asia Pacific. The company aims to cultivate and establish local production capability for local suppliers in large steel components of offshore wind power, as well as abides by the standards of quality, environment, safety, and health of the global offshore wind power industry.

Orsted has invested a considerable amount of resources from the Europe headquarters and the Asia Pacific team in the 3-year period since signing, where more than 150,000 hours have been accumulated, in order to assist SDMS in becoming a qualified offshore wind power supplier. These guidance include pilot contract and technical counseling for the transition section of SDMS’ underwater foundations in 2018, dispatching of experts from Europe and Asia Pacific, long-term stationing with double manpower, dispatching of experts to 22 local companies and over 30 plants, as well as providing assistance with guidance on the enormous downstream supply system for SDMS.

 (Cover photo source: Orsted)

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