Tesla Starts to Install Starlink Satellite Signal Receivers at Superchargers

published: 2021-11-16 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Tesla has recently started to install the Starlink antennas from its sister company SpaceX at Superchargers, which provide internet for car owners while charging.

Supercharger of Tesla is the most extensive charging network of the world right now. Apart from upgrades on the charging stations, Tesla is also prepared to configure additional installations, such as the Starlink satellite network antennas.

Generally speaking, car owners are usually parked at Supercharges for 30 minutes at most, or for a short duration of roughly 10 minutes. While some choose to pick up some snacks or go to the toilet, a lot of people would rather stay in the car and watch Netflix or YouTube. You can also get to jam on Cyberpunk 2077 if you own a Model S Plaid.

Owners are able to enjoy these aforementioned services without any hiccups if they added the top tier connection function when they purchased their vehicles. For those who didn’t, you would have to connect your vehicle to Wi-Fi in order to access these functions.

Musk once promised to offer a better charging experience for all Tesla owners by providing Wi-Fi connections at all charging stations. The solution has finally been revealed today, which uses the company’s own Starlink.

The low earth orbit satellite connection service is now connected with thousands of satellites in space, and offers an average download speed of more than 170Mbps in the US, which is faster than the internet speed of many households.

US netizens have recently witnessed installations of Starlink antennas at Supercharges in Florida. The activation of the service will depend on further official announcements.

 (Cover photo source: Reddit)

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