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Aeon Motor Announces Female Oriented Low Price Ai-4 Ever Green Scooter

published: 2021-12-27 9:30

Today, Aeon Motor announced a green electric scooter brand, the Ai-4 Ever. It features a double cup holder and ultra-low seat height, combining a simple and lightweight shape with a fully flat footboard. It can be considered the strongest green scooter brand on the market and even the price is quite cute.

The Aeon Motor Ai-4 Ever officially debuts at a priced of NT$59,980 with a CROXERA smart dashboard, fully flat footboard, 73 cm ultra-low seat height, storage hook with USB socket, and double cup holder. The Ai-4 Ever is taking direct aim at the throne of the strongest green scooter brands.

"This is the finale of the first phase of Aeon Motor’s electric vehicle universe," said Tony Lin, CEO of Aeon Motor Electric Vehicle. From the Ai-1 to Ai-4, Aeon Motor has won the support of more than 30,000 scooter owners, and even the commercial Ai-2 has more than 100 orders placed by private scooter owners. They will summarize their experience over the past three years and the second stage of the Aeon Motor electric scooter universe will proceed in 2022. Currently, there are already three new scooters in the planning stage.

The highest concept of the Ai-4 Ever is "form follows function." Designed by three-time gold medal award winning design master Hsieh Jung-Ya and based on the principle of simplicity, this green scooter brand is fully functional yet light and stylish.

The Ai-4 Ever features a retro-style headlight and specially designed lightweight tires

Instead of a group of shadowy men giving instructions on how to build women’s scooters, Aeon Motor has given design and production power to women’s leadership this time. From the perspective of female users in all aspects, such a design concept is more than just a green scooter, it is sensible and very rational.

The Ai-4 Ever is also the only current green electric scooter brand equipped with a smart dashboard. Aeon Motor and AUO specially created a new CROXERA Q, which has exactly the same functions as the CROXERA 5 but, led by women, the user interface has been redesigned to makes it more friendly and lovely to use.

In order to make the scooter chassis feel safe and lightweight, Aeon Motor has increased the rigidity of the chassis by 8%, lengthened the stroke of the front and rear shock absorbers, and enlarged the diameter of the shock absorber cylinder. This little scooter can both accelerate fast and possesses stable handling characteristics in a lightweight chassis.

CROXERA Q smart dashboard unique in the green scooter brand market

The best part of Aeon Motor’s product is not only its simple body design but also a simple sales method. All features are standard and the price is NT$59,980. Although the Ai-4 Ever is currently the most expensive green vehicle in the PBGN alliance, it’s features are also the most comprehensive.

Starting today, the Ai-4 Ever can be test driven at Aeon Motor’s Smart Scooter Store. There will be numerous additional gifts when purchasing a scooter before the end of the year and delivery is expected in the first quarter of 2022 at the earliest.

After this new scooter hits the road, Aeon Motor will become the only electric scooter manufacturer with green branded, white branded, sports and commercial vehicles. Aeon Motor is calling 2022 the new year of electric vehicles. Although a specific plan has not been announced, a new series outside the Ai product line is likely to launch. As for whether it will launch with a new in-house chassis or even take on the challenge of an in-house engine, expect an announcement next year.

(Image: TechNews)

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