GoShare Hits the Road in Indonesia, 250 Gogoro Scooters Arrive in Jakarta

published: 2021-12-31 9:30 | editor: | category: News

GoShare shared scooters have officially touched down in Jakarta, Indonesia. Partnering with team Gojek, operations such as ride-hailing and takeout delivery will begin at year’s end, becoming the first step in the overseas launch of the GoShare enterprise solution. Several exclusive features have also been added to the customized Gogoro 2, making daily operations more convenient for drivers.

With over 1.3 million users in Taiwan, GoShare ride sharing service announced today that it has officially arrived in the largest scooter marker in SE Asia, Indonesia, utilizing a complete solution that integrates the GoShare for Business technology platform and the Gogoro smart electric vehicle.

Goshare has partnered with Gojek, a leader in courier services and subsidiary of Indonesia's largest technology group, GoTo, and tailored a one-stop solution to launch a smart electric transportation pilot project jointly promoted by Gogoro and GoTo in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The integration of Gogoro into Gojek's customized fleet of smart electric vehicles, the Gogoro Network smart battery exchange network, a fleet cloud management system, and the GoShare for Business App dedicated to business partners will allow daily operations of Gojek's core businesses such as ride-hailing and takeout delivery to begin from the end of the year.

In other words, GoShare in Indonesia does not share the same concept as GoShare in Taiwan. In Taiwan, consumers can rent electric scooters using the GoShare App. However, in Indonesia, consumers use the Gojek App to hail professional drivers who ride Gogoro 2 scooters to take passengers to their destinations.

With the acceleration of its global deployment, Gogoro has begun forays into the three major markets of India, Indonesia, and China, but entire overseas systems cannot merely be copied and transplanted. It is necessary to "customize" and "modularize" according to market characteristics and plan a solution suitable for a city according to local conditions.

There are no motorcycle taxis in Taiwan but they are a common means of transportation in Indonesian society. It would be self-defeating for GoShare to move the entire Taiwan model to Indonesia.  However, by cooperating with Gojek, a different approach can be taken by turning a ride-share into a ride-hailing service.

The key to this successful repositioning is that GoShare, in addition to scooter ride-sharing, has also launched a B2B solution "GoShare for Business Enterprise Solution," employed initially by companies including Visa, Microsoft, Domino's, Cathay Life Insurance, Taishin International Bank, Far EasTone, Breeze Group, AIG General Insurance, Teach for Taiwan, and Rakuten Monkeys. This present partnership was only completed based on corporate solutions coupled with Gogoro’s customized vehicles.  

Gojek is a part of SE Asian technology behemoth GoTo group which is not only in the business of ride-hailing and delivery but also provides day-to-day services such as finance, e-commerce, and ticket booking. Gojek hopes to achieve the goals of fully electrifying their fleet and zero carbon emissions by 2030. Therefore, Gogoro was brought in as a foreign partner. Domestically, Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas company, Pertamina, was brought on to deploy and manage GoStation battery exchange stations in Jakarta.

The first wave of GoShare and Gojek cooperation includes:

Gogoro Smart Electric Scooters:

  • A corporate fleet of 250 Gogoro 2 smart electric scooters.
  • Featuring a brand-new white exterior, additionally equipment including a push-button storage compartment and built-in USB charging jack, make daily riding easier for drivers.
  • The scooter is emblazoned with the “Powered by GoShare” logo in addition to the “Electrum” corporate brand identity established by Gojek specifically for the implementation of Indonesian electrified transportation.

The Indonesian version of GoShare adds a push-button storage compartment.

Gogoro Network

  • 4 GoStation battery exchange stations located in the center of Jakarta built by Petamina in existing gas stations.

GoShare for Business App

  • Driver selected by Gojek based on strict criteria can use the GoShare for Business App launched in Indonesia to easily rent, ride, and return company-owned vehicles to complete daily delivery and transportation services.

GoShare for Business Management Platform:

  • Gojek uses the GoShare for Business enterprise solution backstage management system to track real-time location, itinerary, and vehicle conditions.

In SE Asia, Indonesia’s scooter market is considered substantial but most people own Japanese brands. Taiwanese electric scooter brands can leverage the Indonesian government’s plans to transition to a low-carbon economy as an entry point into the market. Kymco has also partnered with Grab to invest in lonex electric scooters and power exchange networks. With support from two major Taiwanese brands, Indonesia continues to advance towards its emission reduction targets. Indonesia currently ranks 27th on the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) with continued improvement expected in the future.  

Supporting Indonesia, Taiwan is ranked 58 on the CCPI, seventh from the bottom. In this, Taiwan is taking on a role normally associated with bigger countries, helping others first regardless of accolades. 

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