Rays Power Infra and Rajasthan Government Inked a MoU for a 500MW Solar Park

published: 2022-01-06 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Rays Power Infra and the government of the Indian state of Rajasthan have signed a MoU for the development of a 500MW solar park. The signing ceremony was held at Dubai Expo. Rays Power Infra is an Indian EPC firm and independent power producer that is also headquartered in Rajasthan. The solar park will contribute to the efforts of the state government in reducing the dependence on energy from non-renewable sources. This story was first reported by other renewable energy new websites.

Commenting on this occasion, Pawan Sharma, director of Rays Power Infra, said that the mission of his company is to “promote cleaner, greener, and better environmental conditions”. Pawan noted that his company has already set up “best-in-class” PV projects that meet global standards across India and other parts of the world because it is capable of conducting extensive R&D as well as testing and commissioning. He added that the development of a new 500MW solar park in Rajasthan is an exciting event and another “instrumental step towards eco-friendly tomorrow”.

Rays Power Infra has already begun the construction of the solar park, which is scheduled for commission within the next nine months. The generation capacity of the project has been mandated to be evenly allocated between utility generation and demand from corporate customers. Furthermore, out of the total 500MW, 220MW will be assigned to the company’s domestic portfolio, and the remaining 280MW will be assigned to the international portfolio.

Currently, Rays Power Infra has installed more than 1GW of PV generation capacity in India. Regarding international expansion, the company is operating in Asia, Africa, and Australia. Examples include large-scale projects in Bangladesh and Vietnam. The company said that it has accumulated a lot of expertise in transmission, power distribution, and rooftop PV. Furthermore, it has been listed among the top brands in the power and energy sector. Apart from the MoU for the 500MW solar park in Rajasthan, Rays Power Infra was also awarded a contract to build a 280MWp PV power plant in Bangladesh earlier in October.

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