Fortune Electric Receives Capital Infusion, Chailease and Acer Invest Cash for Shares

published: 2022-01-11 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Major electric equipment manufacturer Fortune Electric Company’s electric vehicle charging subsidiary Fortune Electric Value Company announced on Jan. 10 an increase in capital via issuance of ordinary shares. These shares were acquired in cash by strategic investors including Acer and Chailease Energy, a subsidiary of Chailease Holdings.

Fortune Electric has been deeply involved in the electric vehicle field for 10 year and is optimistic regarding the growth trend of electric vehicles. In 2021, Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Corporation was specially entrusted to assist in spinning off its charging operation business group, the establishment of Fortune Electric Value, and the introduction of strategic investors in order to provide better charging operation services. Fortune Electric Value established its own brand "EVALUE" in 2020 which has appeared on projects in all corners of Taiwan, including the construction of electric vehicle and scooter charging piles and charging stations, high-efficiency charging equipment, smart cloud charging station management systems, and home charging pile site survey and installation services.

Fortune Electric Value has built more than 10 DC stations and 136 AC piles in publicly operated stations throughout Taiwan. Fortune Electric CEO I.S. Hsu stated, Fortune Electric Value has been continuously adjusting its plans while focusing on the development of electric vehicles. It is expected to complete the construction of more than 30 DC fast charging stations and 500 AC charging piles by the end of this year while constantly updating charging specifications according to market demand. Fortune Electric Value supports solutions to build a convenient and complete charging network around the island for electric vehicle owners in Taiwan.

Strategic investor in Fortune Electric Value, Chailease Holding stated that their investment in Fortune Electric Value is based on its rich experience in software, hardware, and energy storage equipment, combined with smart transportation technology developed by Acer ITS. Starting from financing the leasing of energy-saving equipment, Chailease has stepped into the field of solar power plant construction, maintenance, and operation, further extending its business to energy storage, the electric vehicle market, and connecting the value of the overall green energy industry.

Acer has been actively developing green energy and ESG for many years and has vigorously promoted smart city solutions. Its subsidiaries, AOpen, Acer Being Communication, Acer ITS, Acer Medical, and AEB, have also combined group resources to gradually build the important foundation of smart cities.

Acer's strategic investment in Fortune Electric Value and cross-sector investment in the field of electric vehicles strengthens the landscape of the charging pile market and furthers the development of smart solutions. In the field of smart cities, the design of electric vehicle charging is inseparable from the overall power system. Acer and its subsidiaries such as AOpen and Acer ITS have been deploying charging pile systems for many years. AOpen has won the largest electric vehicle IPC order for Volta Charging charging piles in North America for many consecutive years. Acer ITS will build smart parking spaces in many places across Taiwan. Next, it will further plan the deployment of parking billing equipment with integrated charging service which, not only satisfies ordinary car owners by allowing easy payment for parking, but also provides electric vehicle owners a value-added service by allowing them to charge their vehicles.

(Image: Fortune Electric)

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