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Reuters: Tesla to Delay Cybertruck Production to 2023

published: 2022-01-14 9:30

Tesla’s electric truck Cybertruck is set to experience yet another delay? Reuters indicate that the highly anticipated truck may enter production in 2023.

Quoting insiders, Reuters indicated that Tesla will delay the production date of its electric truck Cybertruck until 2023, representing a one-year delay from the original date of 2022 (that is, now).

Certain insiders indicate that, as Tesla kept changing the Cybertruck’s specifications and designs in order to catch up with competing products, this led to the aforementioned delays. Moving to 1Q23, the Cybertruck will only see production at a low volume.

The supposed competing products refer to vehicles from Rivian, Ford, and GM. Rivian officially started delivering vehicles at the end of 2021 while gradually expanding its production capacity. Ford’s F-150 Lightning is expected to kick off deliveries in 2Q22, while GM kicked off Hummer production at the end of 2021. GM will likely start delivering Hummers this year. If the Cybertruck were to experience any further delays, it would lose the initiative to be the hottest selling pickup truck in the US.

Not long ago, Tesla’s official website removed the 2022 start date of Cybertruck production, which incited worries in the market. Should the rumors be proven true, Cybertruck owners’ wait time will officially extend into year four.

Musk will likely provide more information regarding product planning during its earnings call on January 26. At the time, questions regarding production dates of the Cybertruck will be inevitable.

 (Image: Tesla)

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