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Zero-Emission Eco-Friendly Ship Sails into Kaohsiung Port, Acer and Kaohsiung Government Learn Sustainability from the Sea

published: 2022-01-17 9:30

Acer and the Kaohsiung City Government jointly invited Dr. Gunter Pauli, creator of "The Blue Economy" philosophy, and his blue innovation experimental ship, MS Porrima, to anchor at Kaohsiung Port and promote an in-depth understanding of technological innovation through "Learning from the Sea" and assist in Taiwan's sustainable development.

MS Porrima is an experimental zero-emission environmentally friendly ship that integrates a variety of innovative technologies. In addition to using renewable energy such as solar energy and artificial intelligence kites to provide navigational power, it also uses Porrima Tech’s nanoplastic recycling technology to recycle marine nano-grade plastic waste. The collected plastic waste is pulverized and then heated at 800 degrees Celsius to become "Syngas," which is used as fuel for power generation. An average of 2.5MW of electricity per ton of plastic waste can be produced, equivalent to electricity required by 6,000 households. Dr. Gunter Pauli emphasized, MS Porrima proves that as long as there is sunlight, wind, and sea water, these things can be converted into drinking water, energy, and the food that people need, creating unlimited sources of energy, artificial intelligence, and robotics. In fact, Porrima was the goddess who represented the future in ancient Rome and was the guardian of pregnant women. MS Porrima's other identity is an ambassador for the 2025 Osaka World Expo. Its next stop will be Dubai.

Acer Co-founder and Honorary Chairman, Stan Shih indicated that MS Porrima primarily introduces these cutting edge technologies and promotes Taiwan’s technological products and innovative technologies to the world. He stated, "It is a great honor for the Acer Group and I to invite the creator of The Blue Economy philosophy and my friend Dr. Gunter Pauli to take a special voyage to Taiwan and present this green and sustainable experimental ship in front of the Taiwanese people. I hope that the Porrima’s many innovative approaches can inspire a new generation of scientists, entrepreneurs, and all sectors of Taiwan's industry, government, and academia in this rapidly changing era."

Acer Chairman and CEO, Jason Chen stated that no one can ignore the changes in the world environment. To this end, the Acer Group officially announced its participation in the RE100 Global Corporate Renewable Energy Initiative in 2021 and promised to adopt 100% renewable energy by 2035. At the same time, the Eathion platform was launched in 2021 to connect companies, employees, supply chain partners, and consumers in pursuit of long-term sustainability and a positive impact on the environment. Furthermore, Acer has a number of additional projects. For example, the development of smart roadside parking systems can bring benefits in the form of energy savings and carbon reduction. Acer has also started manufacturing computers and peripheral products with recycled materials. Acer will beckon to the ocean for more innovative development.

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