Siemens and Glory to Accelerate Construction of Taiwan Smart City

published: 2022-01-21 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Siemens announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Glory Technology Services, officially proclaiming the two parties as strategic partners. Several days ago, Siemens Smart Infrastructure and Glory Technology Services jointly won the "Hsinta Power Plant Renewal and Expansion Project" to assisting Hsinta Power Plant in building Siemens' most advanced clean gas fire extinguishing system to provide reliable solutions to ensure the safety of personnel, assets, processes and the environment and open up opportunities for cooperation between the two parties.

President and CEO of Siemens Taiwan, Erdal Elver stated, Glory Technology Services has long been deeply involved in the development of smart cities and its world-class system integration capabilities have been recognized at home and abroad. Faced with a dynamically changing market environment, Siemens needs to actively cooperate with local partners to not only better satisfy customers and create value for customers but simultaneously contribute to accelerating Taiwan’s implementation of smart cities and sustainable development.

In the future, the two parties will strengthen their partnership in key infrastructure and smart building fields, combine their products, technologies and resources to provide a full range of the latest smart infrastructure solutions, and assist Taiwan and local partners in accelerating the development of smart infrastructure. Their ultimate goal is the development of smart cities where mutual assistance and mutual benefit will create a win-win situation for all parties.

Glory Technology Services Director and CEO, Eric Chang pointed out that in addition to partnering with Siemens’ Smart Infrastructure on the Hsinta Power Plant project, it is also using Siemens Energy’s gas-fired double-cycle generator in the second phase of Sun Ba Power’s planned gas-fired double-cycle power generation turnkey project. Glory Technology Services will cooperate with turnkey project contractor CTCI to introduce Siemens' advanced fire alarm and clean gas fire extinguishing system to help Taipower build a safe and stable power supply environment. Glory Technology Services is looking forward to possibilities for more cooperation between the two parties in the future.


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