Gogoro Deepens Partnership with Indonesian Ally Electrum to Jointly Develop Electric Scooter Industry Chain

published: 2022-01-26 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Gogoro announced today that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Electrum, a leader in electric scooters in Indonesia. The two parties will simultaneously integrate upstream and downstream resources to build Indonesia's electric scooter infrastructure and electric two-wheeled vehicles and jointly develop a complete electric vehicle industry chain.

Electrum, a joint venture between Gojek and TBS Energi Utama, announced that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Gogoro. Gogoro and Electrum will work together to strengthen the infrastructure for the development of electric vehicles in Indonesia, focusing on the development of two-wheeled electric vehicles and high-efficiency batteries.

Gogoro has also announced a joint partnership with Foxconn, Indonesian Battery Company (IBC), and Indika Energy. With these two important collaborations, a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem will be created for Indonesia.

The latest cooperation plan between Gogoro and Electrum is to use the cross-disciplinary expertise of the two parties to simultaneously integrate upstream and downstream resources. Relying on their respective advantages, they are committed to developing a complete electric vehicle industry chain and making Indonesia a global leader in the field of sustainable development. The partnership further strengthens an existing partnership between Gogoro and Gojek, who are already conducting an early pilot program for smart electric scooters and battery swapping stations in South Jakarta.

The latest memorandum of cooperation between Gogoro and Electrum is part of an ongoing effort by both parties to accelerate the development of the two-wheeled electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia. Gogoro's battery swap ecosystem has innovative ideas and a successfully developed business model, so it is recognized as a leader in the global battery swap ecosystem. This memorandum of cooperation means that Gogoro will soon introduce a mature battery swap platform into Indonesia.

Electrum director and Gojek CEO, Kevin Aluwi noted: “Gojek and Gogoro launched a cooperation project in southern Jakarta last year, hundreds of Gogoro smart electric scooters and battery swap stations have been imported, and they have been well received. Through the memorandum of cooperation between Electrum and Gogoro, this existing partnership will continue to be strengthened to find the best solution to make electric scooters a daily necessity in Indonesia. Change requires strong partners and we believe that working with Gogoro puts us in the best position to change the way Indonesians commute and achieve our goal of fully electrifying our fleet by 2030.”

The collaboration between Gogoro and Electrum aims to put Gojek and TBS’s 2030 zero-emissions commitment on track, when Gojek’s fleet will be 100% powered by electric scooters. At the same time, TBS will invest in clean and renewable energy development. Both Gojek and TBS aim to speed up their efforts to deliver cleaner air to Indonesia.

Gogoro also announced on January 21 of this year a joint partnership with Foxconn, IBC, and Indika Energy to build an open and comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia. This ecosystem initially has four founding members, with more mobile industry companies expected to join in the future

The partnership will start with battery manufacturing (including cells, battery modules, and battery packs) to develop the four-wheeled electric vehicle, two-wheeled electric scooter, and electric bus (E-Bus) industry. The scope of cooperation also includes the development of electric vehicle supporting industries, covering energy storage systems (ESS), battery swapping and swapping stations, battery recycling, and research and development in the field of batteries and electric vehicles. By partnering with these world-renowned leaders, Gogoro and its partners can work together to deliver on their commitment to sustainable development in Indonesia.


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