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Taiya Renewable Energy Forms Local Maintenance Team for Cultivation in Localized Offshore Wind Power

published: 2022-03-11 9:30

In order to realize the government’s target in localization for the third phase of wind farm development, Taiya Renewable Energy has joined hands with five companies on forming a local maintenance team to fully support the former’s development in wind farms and exert determination in cultivating localized offshore wind power generation through substantial actions.

The partners include James Fisher Renewables Taiwan, PDE Offshore Corporation, DACC Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., High Tien Offshore Co., Ltd., and Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Lin Yi-wen, Chairman of Taiya, commented that the third phase (block development) of offshore wind power is about to happen, and that the company is going to fulfill its responsibility in creating a comprehensive industrial and ecological environment, as well as industry chain, as a local developer, which establishes technical strengths and market competitiveness alongside the local industry chain that will grant an access to the international new energy market.

Apart from the announced Huan Ya Floating Wind Farm and the Changhua Huan Ya Offshore Wind Farm that the company will participate in tender this year, Taiya will also continue developing other wind farms of fixed and floating foundations. Taiya commented that it is very honored to have received support from the local maintenance team that will facilitate exertion in the government’s localization policy, support on domestic green power demand and sustainable growth of local industry and supply chains, as well as participation in government’s energy transformation policies. The local development team excels in local talent cultivation, and is able to stimulate the domestic industrial and supply chains for gradual improvement in technical synergy and performance. Taiya aims to step out of Taiwan in the future and march towards the international wind power market.

The local maintenance team will utilize the exiting local technical connotation and operation synergy, as well as more than 15 years of offshore wind farm experience and technology, onto the maintenance phase for the wind farm that will last 25-30 years. The maintenance team is also going to integrate resources of various local companies, as well as cultivate and support the establishment of long-term localization capacity and energy through previous technical transition and experience.

 (Cover photo source: Taiya)

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