MIH Debuts First Overseas Investment Promotion on March 25th with 250 Members Fighting for EV Estuary

published: 2022-03-29 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The MIH Alliance hosted a partner conference and the first overseas investment promotion on March 25th, and invited 250 MIH members, including Foxtron, US-based Lordstown Motors, and Thailand-based PTT, so as to co-establish an open EV ecosystem and create commercial opportunities in estuary for EVs.

The official Facebook page of Foxconn stated that the MIH Partner Conference and Overseas Investment Promotion was hosted at the Nangang Bottle Cap Factory on March 25th, and this MIH member exclusive event had invited 200-250 members, with online streaming connecting 2,300 MIH members around the world, where a simultaneous exchange between domestic and overseas was conducted to co-establish an open EV ecosystem.

As pointed out by Foxconn, the MIH alliance announced an important program at the conference, and incorporated a seminar on overseas investment promotion for the first time, including Foxtron co-funded by Foxconn and Yulon Motor, AIT, US-based lightweight electric truck supplier Lordstown Motors, and PTT (Petroleum Authority of Thailand), facilitating profound exchanges between MIH members.

Young Liu, Chairman of Foxconn, commented days ago that the c ompany has been assimilating the voices of the industry when actuating the MIH alliance in becoming a central organization that aims to create a corresponding estuary. According to the statistics of MIH’s official website, 2,297 global software and hardware suppliers and businesses have joined the MIH alliance, covering 63 countries and regions.

 (Cover photo source: MIH)

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