EV Need Information Security Too, Trend Micro Establishes Vehicle Information Security Company VicOne

published: 2022-05-11 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Trend Micro, a leader in network security solutions, announced in early May the establishment of VicOne, a new vehicle information security company which focuses on assisting the electric vehicle industry in building information security protection and will also fully assist Taiwan's electric vehicle supply chain partners to pass vehicle information security standards required by international car manufacturers, strengthen global competitiveness, and work together to gain a place in the future car market.

Trend Micro pointed out that it had observed potential security challenges for electric vehicles many years ago and has invested in related research in the field of automotive security threats and security. Taiwan is in an important position in the global automotive supply chain. Traditional component manufacturers are actively seeking transformation in response to the development of the electric vehicle market. They are eager to make their products meet the information security requirements of international automakers to enhance competitiveness. The establishment of VicOne will, not only focus on solving the ever-increasing information security demands of electric vehicles, the company will also fully promote the "Strategic Partner Program" to assist Taiwan's automotive system integration and component manufacturers to meet the information security compliance requirements of auto brands and successfully enter the international electric vehicle market. 

Trend Micro CEO, Eva Chen, stated that in order to meet the future era of fully automated vehicles, professional information security technology and teams will be the key to ensuring vehicle safety. As a leader in global information security, Trend Micro is very pleased to expand its core areas of expertise. In addition to opening up new market development space, Trend Micro will also make better use of its best software engineering research and development advantages to assist the world's vast automotive ecosystem in competing in a secure development environment.

VicOne CEO, Max Cheng, stated that the Internet of Vehicles exposes driving safety to greater information security risks and various attacks have already been reported frequently. Global auto brands and system integrators are trying their best to comply with international auto security regulations to accelerate the rollout of the electric vehicle market. For Taiwan's auto supply chain, now is the decisive moment to strengthen its international competitiveness. The establishment of VicOne will bring professional technical support for vehicle information security to the electric vehicle market.

In addition to establishing a vehicle information security company, VicOne also promotes strategic partnership programs. Hopefully, this will help Taiwan's supply chain to meet the information security requirements of international automakers with the most labor-saving and effective resources and to implement the important position of information security in software system development through the most important step of Secure by design, so that Taiwan's auto supply chain can enhance its competitiveness. At the same time, the company will also actively cooperate with industry partner certification units, combining its knowledge of international regulations and standards with Trend Micro's expertise in automotive information security to jointly assist suppliers who want to enter the electric vehicle industry to comply with international automotive information security certification standards in a more efficient way.

(Image: Trend Micro)

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