Retiring Old and Energy-Consuming Ships; Ta-Ho Maritime Corporation of Taiwan Cement Delivers 8th Eco-Friendly M/V TAHO VIRTUE

published: 2022-05-12 17:03 | editor: | category: News

Ta-Ho Maritime Corporation under Taiwan Cement hosted the online naming and delivery ceremony for the new eco-friendly bulk carrier M/V TAHO VIRTUE today, which is the 8th new eco-friendly vessel of the company since the activation of the fleet optimization plan from 2018. Chang An-ping, Chairman of Taiwan Cement, hopes that the delivery of the bulk carrier is able to mitigate global supply chain and inflation problems, and exert critical power in stabilizing the world economy.

Chang was unable to personally visit Oshima Shipbuilding in Japan for the delivery process due to the pandemic, which is why the second online naming and delivery ceremony this year was hosted accordingly. Chang commented that the maintenance of unhindered global trade in the face of severe supply chain issues under the pandemic is the responsibility of Taiwan Cement, and he wishes that the warfare from afar can come to an end soon alongside a march towards world peace with stabilized free trade around the world. 

80% of global commodities is transported through shipping, and occupies approximately 70% of global product value. The carbon emission from ships around the world had surpassed 900 million tons, which is why an establishment of green shipping is even more important to realize targets such as the 2050 carbon neutrality. Taiwan Cement adheres to its corporate spirit of handling the complex relationship between human civilization and mother nature.

Taiwan Cement commented that Chang had initiated Ta-Ho Maritime Corporation’s plan of utilizing eco-friendly vessels upon his assumption of position, and the company had purchased 2 cement ships and 6 bulk carriers over the past 5 years, with yet another new eco-friendly and high-efficiency bulk carrier next month. 90% of Ta-Ho Maritime Corporation’s ships now leads global standards by conforming to the new regulations of EEXI and CII for IMO 2023.

Taiwan Cement pointed out that the M/V TAHO VIRTUE has a dead weight tonnage of 84,460 tons, with a measurement of 228.5m in length and 36.5m in width. The vessel is built by the globally acclaimed Oshima Shipbuilding. Utilizing the most advanced shipbuilding technology, the vessel is installed with multiple energy-conserving equipment, with a high-speed aerodynamic body design, as well as an eco-friendly and low-resistance paint on the outer shell, and energy-saving conduction fins at the back of the vessel. The cockpit is adopted with the latest electronically controlled high-performance CPU with low-carbon emission. As a result, the vessel is able to lower 25-30% of fuel consumption each day, which is better than the 20-30% standard of the International Maritime Organization, whereas the configuration of an electrolytic ballast water treatment system would also protect the marine ecosystem.

Taiwan Cement emphasized that the excellently planned shipbuilding cycle for the bulk carrier is the key in success. Ta-Ho Maritime Corporation fully grasps on the bottom of the booming cycle by replacing old and depleted vessels with the latest eco-friendly and energy-conserving fleet on a timely basis, where the improvement of transport capacity with the allocation of digitalized smart fleet management are likely to improve the chaotic supply chain and exert critical power that would nourish profitability as a result.

(Cover photo source: Taiwan Cement)

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