National Renewable Power Generation Arrived at 2.4853 Trillion kWh in China in 2021

published: 2022-05-13 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The National Energy Administration (NEA) announced the 2021 Announcement for Completed Renewable Power Consumption Responsibility (hereinafter referred to as the Announcement) on May 9th

The Announcement indicates that the country had arrived at 2.4853 trillion kWh of renewable power generation throughout 2021, of which hydroelectricity, wind power, solar power, and bioenergy had accounted for 1.3401 trillion kWh, 655.6 billion kWh, 325.9 billion kWh, and 163.7 billion kWh respectively.

China had accumulated 1.06 billion kW of renewable power capacity as of the end of December 2021, which occupied 44.8% of the overall power installations. Among which, hydroelectricity, wind power, solar power, and bioenergy sat at 391 million kW, 328 million kW, 306 million kW, and 37.98 million kW respectively. For the entire 2021, the country added 23.49 million kW of hydroelectricity, 47.57 million kW of wind power, 54.88 million kW of solar power, and 8.08 million kW of bioenergy. 

According to the Announcement, the total responsibility of lowest renewable power consumption was set to be 29.4% in 2021, and the actual completion was also 294% under a YoY growth of 0.6 percentage points. The figure was leveled to that of 2021. 

In addition, the lowest consumption of national non-hydroelectricity power was set to be 12.9% in 2021, and the actual completion was 13.7% under a YoY increase of 2.3 percentage points, which exceeded 0.8 percentage points compared to non-hydroelectricity of 2021.

 Source: Stdaily

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