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JA Solar to Invest RMB 700 Million in Auxiliary Material R&D Production Base in Yiwu

published: 2022-05-20 9:30

Yiwu of Zhejiang has recently become the location for JA Solar’s PV auxiliary material R&D base that would further replenish the PV industry chain.

 As reported, the PV auxiliary material R&D production base would occupy 100 acres under an investment of RMB 700 million, and is scheduled to commence operation starting from December 2022, before arriving at the target in July 2023. After attaining the production target, the base is expected to generate annual sales of approximately RMB 3 billion, with an annual taxation of roughly RMB 75 million. The selected area for the project was listed in April 28th, and will be delisted at the end of May, with construction beginning from the end of June. 

The aforementioned project is invested and constructed by JA Solar. The company had signed an agreement on a PV cell and module production base project with the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Yiwu in March 2020 under a total investment of RMB 10.2 billion, with the first phase having commence operation back in October 2020, and the second phase is expected to initiate operation in May 2022. The PV auxiliary R&D production base of JA Solar will further elevate corporate competitiveness.

Yiwu has been constantly fortifying its PV industry over recent years by successively incorporating JA Solar’s PV auxiliary material R&D production base, auxiliary materials for Holysun’s PV modules, packaging materials for Zhuoran’s modules, auxiliary materials for Jiuzhou’s PV modules, soldered frames of Jianghai Industrial, and Sveck’s projects. As a result, Yiwu’s PV industrial ecology is thus gradually improved, with constant optimization in the industrial structure.

Source: Yiwu Announcement

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