Xuzhou, Yibin, Sichuan: Construction of 20GW Annual Output Photovoltaic Solar Cell Project Advancing Fast

published: 2022-05-25 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The Ying Fa Rui Neng’s 20GW annual output photovoltaic solar cell project is a new energy project introduced this year in Xuzhou District, Yibin City. Since its launch on May 1, project construction has been progressing well. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in November this yea. and then the initialized.

On May 11, at the construction site of the Yin Fa Rui Neng Photovoltaic Solar Cell Project in Gaojie Industrial Park, Xuzhou District, more than 150 construction vehicles, including transport vehicles, excavators, bulldozers, steamrollers, and sprinklers were running at full capacity, and the earth and stone work, excavation, gully dredging, backfilling, and other flat field operations was carried out.

"Currently, the daily amount of excavated soil is about 40,000 cubic meters. In a few days, the number of machines on site will increase to about 250 vehicles, the amount of externally discarded soil will increase to about 70,000 cubic meters per day, and the speed of advancement will be significantly accelerated.” In charge of construction, Gao Qiankun, head of the project department of Chuangyi Production, Xuzhou District, revealed: "According to the requirements of the company, a workshop needs 145 acres of land and we will hand over 145 acres to the company before May 20. A total of 450 acres of land in the first phase will be handed over to the enterprise before June 10."

It is understood that Ying Fa Rui Neng's 20GW annual output photovoltaic high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell project production base covers a total area of 800 acres, with a total investment of RMB11 billion and it will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of 10GW will sit on 450 acre of land and the second phase of 10GW will use the remaining 350. The project is invested in and constructed by Anhui Ying Fa Rui Neng Technology Co., Ltd., a new energy enterprise of Yingfa Holding Group Co., Ltd. After completion, it will mainly focus on the production and sales of solar cells. 

Chen Long, executive vice president of Anhui Ying Fa Rui Neng Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview: "The first phase of the project is expected to be put into operation in mid-November and, after it is put into production, it will reach 10 billion in output value, RMB400 million in profits and taxes, and can provide 1,800 jobs."

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