HD Renewable Energy's Green Power Transfer Highest in Taiwan, Helping Companies Buy Green Power Easily

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In recent years, the issue of energy conservation and carbon reduction has become more and more popular and a draft of the "Climate Change Response Act" has been released, which has driven the purchase of green electricity. After obtaining an electricity sales license in 2021, Star Renewables, a subsidiary of HD Renewable Energy, has transferred more than 7.5 million kWh of green electricity to E.SUN Commercial Bank, Taiwan Mobile, and other leading domestic players in the financial and telecommunications industries. In the second half of 2022, 28 million kWh of green electricity is expected to be transferred and the cumulative kWh of green power transferred ranks the highest in Taiwan.

From Apple's requirement for suppliers to fully use renewable energy, to the terms of Taiwan's large electricity users, and the requirements of companies for their own ESG actions, the purchase of green electricity has become the focus of businesses supply chain management and product production. According to the terms of large power users announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2021, it was given priority to regulate large power users with a contracted capacity of more than 5,000kW and must complete the transfer of 10% of contracted capacity to renewable energy by 2025. However, if enterprise users themselves do not have relevant personnel who understand electricity usage or energy management, it will be difficult to purchase green electricity.

HD Renewable Energy general manager, Jason Chou stated that HD Renewable Energy has always moved towards the goal of "smart green energy at your fingertips." In terms of the performance of green power transfer, since HD Renewable Energy has its own solar power project site, it can provide sufficient and stable green energy. The company can also check users’ power consumption and match to buy the most suitable green power through green power consultant mode and the TITAN smart green power system, making RE100 no longer just a slogan.

In contrast to other electricity providers who simply sell green electricity, Star Renewables starts from the perspective of "green power consultant." The company analyzes the electricity consumption of companies through the TITAN smart green power system independently developed by Star Power according to electricity bills provided by enterprise users and provides a three-in-one solution of energy conservation, green electricity use, and energy optimization to help companies fundamentally combat the challenges of electricity consumption.

For example, in the energy conservation portion, Star Renewables provides the best scheduling of electrical equipment through the TITAN smart green power system and provides the best energy conservation plan for enterprise users. Secondly, in the use of green electricity, according to Taipower's current green electricity transfer system, if power generation and electricity consumption cannot be highly matched, it will be identified as non-green electricity use. Star Renewables can provide stable and sufficient green electricity according to different enterprise users. Last is energy optimization. The TITAN smart green power system uses AI calculation to find the best way to use green power and increase the proportion of green power use. This perfect three-in-one green power transfer solution helps enterprise users to no longer worry about purchasing green power.

Emerging green energy stock, HD Renewable Energy, has accelerated the deployment of its green energy business and has entered the fields of power generation, electricity sales, and energy storage. Its subsidiary Star Renewables has always been a pioneer in electricity sales. Star Renewables ranks first in green power transfer, has transferred more than 7.5 million kWh of green power, and assisted more than 30 companies in green power consulting, truly realizing the corporate vision of "living with green power and accelerating a net-zero carbon future."

In addition to temporarily ranking first in the sales of green electricity, HD Renewable Energy has booked all the cash from an offering of new shares in March of this year, totaling NT$1.23 billion, at a price per share of NT$82. This round of funding will help the company continue to expand its territory in the green energy field. In addition, HD Renewable Energy has made outstanding achievements in the fields of power generation and energy storage, not only in Chiayi County, but also in developing Taiwan's largest single energy storage capacity project in Liuying District, Tainan City. It is expected to build a green power golden triangle of power generation, energy storage, and electricity sales, and move closer to the goals of a smart green power company.

(Image:HD Renewable Energy)

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