Fii releases CSR report! Cleantech and Products Account for 40% of Revenue

published: 2022-06-06 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii), a subsidiary of Foxconn, released its "2021 Fii Corporate Social Responsibility Report," today which elaborates on green innovation and low-carbon development in terms of ecological environment, social development, and corporate governance. Nearly 800 clean technology-related patents have been accumulated. In 2021, green revenue brought in by the application of clean technologies or products was approximately RMB 177.694 billion, accounting for approximately 40.54% of total revenue.

In terms of product design, Fii has long been committed to the DfE principle (Design for Environment) in environmental design specifications to meet the premise of technology, safety, function and market, and design around the whole life cycle of products to minimize the impact of products on the environment.

In terms of technology research and development, Fii attaches great importance to the research and development of new technologies including but not limited to smart mobile terminals and wearable devices, 5G communication networks, cloud computing, and industrial Internet ecosystems, and continues to build green manufacturing and clean energy. R&D personnel exceeds 25,000 and overall R&D investment in 2021 reached RMB10.8 billion, an annual increase of 7.94%..

Facing the challenge of climate change, Fii has actively responded to international initiatives and released its "Carbon Neutral White Paper," promising to reduce the carbon emissions of operations by 80% by 2030 compared with the base year of 2020, achieve carbon neutrality in operations by 2035 and achieve net zero emissions across the entire value chain by 2050.

In order to achieve this goal, Fii has formulated a 3R (Reduce operation emissions, Replace energy structure transformation, Resolve carbon offset and carbon capture) strategy to gradually achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations and the entire value chain. Through technological innovation, Fii will provide society with replicable and scalable carbon-neutral solutions.

Fii has introduced the industrial Internet ecosystem into different industries and fields. At present, it has assisted more than 50 customers to use industrial Internet services to improve quality and efficiency and pursue green and safe development, promote the green transformation of the supply chain, continue to strengthen information security prevention, and work with partners to build the future together with green product presentations.

(Image: Foxconn Industrial Internet)

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