Hannover Messe is Here! TECO Shows EV Powertrains and Carbon Neutral Solutions

published: 2022-06-07 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The world's most eye-catching industrial exhibition "Hanover Messe" has not held a physical exhibition for two years due to the pandemic but has finally returned this year. TECO Group announced today that it will partner with Motovario S.p.A., a major Italian gearbox manufacturer and European affiliate, to jointly exhibit the three themes of "Carbon Neutral Solutions," "Smart Mobility Solutions," and "Smart Manufacturing Solutions".

Sophia Chiu, chairman of TECO, said, in order to meet the global response to climate issues and advocate for carbon neutrality, TECO has already laid out relevant business opportunities to promote smart low-carbon factory solutions and develop modular electric vehicle power systems. Asia, North America, and Europe are the markets TECO is actively striving for and it is looking forward to achieving the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction for global customers.

TECO pointed out that at this exhibition, the newly developed "Permanent Magnet Direct Drive System" was exhibited to European and American customers in the "Carbon Neutral Solutions" section. It meets the IE5 standard and is mainly used in the cooling water tower industry. It can improve system efficiency without mechanical transmission components and more thoroughly solves the problems of gear box wear, transmission shaft breakage, and oil leakage, which greatly saves maintenance costs and can provide energy-saving solutions for different fields.

TECO's carbon neutral solutions, including the "waste heat recovery system," can assist customers in evaluating the feasibility of recycling power generation for medium and low temperature waste heat above 80 degrees Celsius, making full use of various waste heat sources in industrial processes to convert them into green electricity, and It has cooperated with the public sector in North American countries, recycling power generation can achieve the purpose of reducing emissions, and also help industrial users to move towards the goal of carbon neutrality.

TECO emphasized that three electric vehicle power systems, T Power +, T Power 2in1, and T Power 3in1, were exhibited on site, showing ambition to open up the market. The production of electric passenger cars, electric buses, and special electric vehicles for different market needs, and the use of AR augmented reality technology has become one of the focuses of the exhibition.


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