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Helping SMEs Master Carbon Emissions, Carbon Estimation Digital Tool Officially Launched

published: 2022-06-10 9:30

The trend towards green supply chains leads to carbon inventory and carbon reduction requirements. The MOEA stated that the carbon estimation digital tool of the 2050 Net Zero Emission Network has been launched which will help SMEs understand their own greenhouse gas emissions and sources through simple operation and take the first step in carbon reduction.

In response to net zero emissions, many international brands have joined the Renewable Energy Initiative (RE 100) and announced net zero emissions goals, gradually requiring supply chain manufacturers to provide carbon emission data to calculate product carbon footprint or total supply chain emissions. Promoting carbon reduction in the supply chain has put many SMEs in Taiwan that play an important role in the global supply chain under pressure on how to conduct carbon inventory.

According to a press release from the MOEA, in order to help SMEs understand their carbon emissions, a digital tool for carbon estimation was launched on May 31. SMEs can conduct carbon emissions calculations in the trial calculation exercise area as needed. The user does not need to register as a member to use the practice area. As long as the user directly inputs data on the use of major energy sources such as electricity, gasoline and diesel, natural gas and other gas, the user can estimates their own carbon emissions.

At the same time, companies can also fill in fuel, refrigerant, and other process data that may cause greenhouse gas emissions (manufacturing) in the trial calculation area or fill in the usage of lighting, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other common equipment ( service industry). Users can fully understand the types and distribution of energy used and calculate more accurate carbon emissions.

If companies want to better understand their own carbon emission sources and proportions and formulate corresponding reduction plans, the MOEA pointed out that the advanced version of the carbon estimation tool can collect data through more in-depth sources, including boilers, generators, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, and vehicles. It provides carbon emission hotspot analysis to encourage companies to formulate carbon reduction plans and track results and can also provide assistance such as net zero consultation and diagnosis and carbon reduction technical guidance provided by various bureaus and offices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

(Image:Flickr/Andrew CC BY 2.0)

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