BEV Mini Electric Starting from NT$1.55 Million with a Free Charging Pile

published: 2022-06-21 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The BEV version of Mini Cooper, Mini Electric, has finally unveiled its price tag for Taiwan. The vehicle starts from NT$1.55 million, with a free charging pile or complementary charging credits when receiving your vehicle, as well as an exclusive 1:18 model.

Mini Electric, which opened for preorders during February this year, has finally unveiled its price tag today. The BEV hatchback Mini starts from NT$1.55 million, and will come with a free household charging stand or charging credits among working partners based on the buyer’s preference.

EVs are becoming the mainstream adoption in Taiwan. Despite merely 50 vehicles available for the first batch of preorders, Mini Electric was actually sold out before the price tag was announced, and BMW Taiwan commented that it is currently trying to obtain quota for the second batch.

Mini Electric has taken design cues from the classic Mini 3-Door, and adopts a battery electric motor with a front-wheel drive configuration. The model has a maximum 184 horsepower, a maximum torque of 270nm, and 0-100 acceleration in 7.3 seconds.

The battery electric Mini is undoubtedly suited for commuting. Having a lithium battery capacity of 32.6kW, the model can only last for 234km (WLTP), which is roughly the distance from Taipei to Taichung, and it may be more suitable for those who prefer sightsee on the way. Those who wish to take this car with them on a roundtrip may have to reconsider.

With that being said, cruising around in the city with Mini Electric is still a rather pleasing experience. The high voltage lithium battery module configured at the bottom of the body has resulted in a center of gravity that is 0.3cm lower than that of Mini Cooper S. Inheriting the classic wide wheelbase, low center of gravity, and a short front overhang (SFO) body design, as well as replacing the traditional power source with the more direct and instantaneous battery electric engine, will comprehensively improve the joy of driving.

The extra offers for the early-bird sales in Taiwan are also quite enticing. Aside from gifting the household charging pile that is worth NT$30K, an exclusive Mini Electric 1:18 model is also free to grab.

 (Cover photo source: Mini)

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