Linde LienHwa Constructs First Hydrogen Refueling Station in Taiwan Scheduled for Operation in 2023

published: 2022-06-22 9:30 | editor: | category: News

In order to respond to Taiwan’s 2050 net zero emission strategy, local industrial gas supplier Linde LienHwa will be incorporating hydrogen energy, as well as establishing the first demonstration hydrogen refueling station, at the Tree Valley park in Southern Taiwan.

MITAC, the parent company of Linde LienHwa, is optimistic towards net zero emission among commercial hydrogen vehicles by having joined hands with Hyzon Motors, a global supplier of commercial hydrogen vehicles, in late-February this year. The two companies have signed a MOU, which consists of co-development in commercial hydrogen vehicles for Taiwan, with the first batch of hydrogen trucks arriving in Taiwan during 2023.

Diesel is the current major fuel for heavy-duty vehicles in Taiwan at 12-15% of total carbon emission, and will undoubtedly be placed by hydrogen.

Responding to the soon-to-be-available hydrogen vehicles on the road, Linde LienHwa announced that the company would establish the first demonstration hydrogen refueling station at the Tree Valley Park in Taiwan by utilizing the hydrogen energy technology of its joint venture partner Linde Group. The station refuels hydrogen for vehicles at a pressure level of 350-700bar, as well as offers tests for government and related departments. For the purpose of providing high-efficiency and safe hydrogen refueling technology, Linde LienHwa has integrated production, planning and design, construction, and maintenance into a one-stop service model, and the activation of the refueling station would become the service paradigm in high-efficiency hydrogen refueling for Taiwan. The refueling station is scheduled to complete installation and initiate operation during mid-2023.

Linde LienHwa’s partner Linde Group is the largest industrial gas group in the world, and has constructed over 200 hydrogen refueling stations and 80 low-carbon hydrogen electrolysis plants around the world, exuding global leadership in efficiency, reliability, and security for the particular field. The refueling stations that will be introduced in the future will offer various capacities and pressure in order to support different provision of gas and liquid that will be applicable on battery vehicles of diversified hydrogen fuel cells.

 (First photo shows the hydrogen refueling station of the Linde Group in Germany; Source: Linde LienHwa)

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