New Buildings Should Be Configured with Solar Power Generation; Lin Chien-Han: SECOM to March Towards BEMS Market

published: 2022-07-05 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) hinted that the regulation of renewable energy development will be partially amended by adding a new requirement where new and existing buildings should be installed with solar power generating equipment during renovation. Lin Chien-han, Chairman of SECOM, commented that Sunseap Solutions, a subsidiary of SECOM, has been focusing on BEMS (Building Energy Management System) in the most recent two years, and creating energy management systems for new buildings, with the focus this year being the development of commercial opportunities for BEMS.  

The industry believes that the amendment on the regulations for renewable energy development regarding installations of solar power generating equipment for new buildings may require corresponding software and hardware measures, such as the collocation of energy storage equipment and BEMS after solar panels are installed in order to stabilize power and energy storage.

There used to be approximately 5-8 solar sites each year in the past, though the rising awareness of ESG has prompted successive establishment of new solar businesses and facilitated an explosive growth in new sites. As a result, the market demand has grown threefold, and foreign energy countries are asked to simultaneously incorporate large field perimeter management solutions when installing solar equipment.

Lin commented that both buildings and factories are going to establish solar plants in the future, which is why perimeter issues are bound to be a problem, especially with the frequent occurring of cable thefts under rising copper and raw material prices, thus safety solutions for large perimeters have also been stimulated in demand.

Lin pointed out that SECOM is capable of one-off platform integrations by assisting its clients with plans from land cultivation to rooftop green energy, as well as image fence systems, high-speed dome cameras, NVR, and license plate recognition systems. The company is also aiming to seize on commercial opportunities in green energy alongside this imminent change of policy.

 (Cover photo source: SECOM)

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