Gogoro Releases New Scooter for Women Gogoro Delight, Smells Good

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Today, Gogoro released the Gogoro Delight, a new scooter built by women and designed for women. It introduces many details that men have not paid attention to. It not only sits high with an innovative footrest, but also releases fragrance.

The scooter market's imagining of a so-called "women's car" is nothing more than trying to be as small as possible, not being too fast, have a cute appearance, and add some shiny decorations. However, the "all-female design" initiated by female employees of the Gogoro team found that, in fact, the details that female scooter owners need are often not met.

At first glance, this new Gogoro Delight looks similar to the Gogoro 2 Delight not only in appearance, but also in the name. Can it really be so unoriginal? In fact, the key lies in the details.

▲The Gogoro Delight is one of the few By her, For Her women's motorcycles.

The Gogoro Delight team found that the riding position of women is very different from that of men. Generally speaking, in order to easily use the foot to assist in braking, women usually sit more forward, their legs are more bent, their knees are as close as possible, and the upper body will also be relatively straight. This is to ensure the field of view and avoid being exposed.

The Gogoro Delight has added a front crash pad to protect the knees of female car owners against frequent friction. In addition, the height of the body seat cushion is further reduced to 72.9 cm, which is lower than that of Gogoro VIVA, so that petite car owners can easily step onto the ground without stooping.

The team also found that women have less strength on average and find it actually quite laborious moving scooters. Therefore, a new "scooter walking mode" was introduced. When the motor is kept on, as long as the left arrow key is pressed twice, the car will automatically move forward slowly. With Gogoro's original reversing assist key, it makes it easier for women to move vehicles without too much effort.

"After investigating female scooter owners, we found that women often change among a number of different roles and have a lot of burdens. When they ride their own scooters, it is very precious Me Time." Gogoro project manager Jasmine pointed out in order for this precious alone time to be more comfortable, it was decided to bring fragrance elements into the motorcycle.

First of all, girls still prefer cleanliness, so the Gogoro Delight is equipped with antibacterial handles and the scooter glove box also has silver ion sterilization which can eliminate odors. If you have higher hygiene requirements, you can also choose UV photocatalyst germicidal lamps. As long as the glove box is closed, it will be automatically sterilized.

The Gogoro Delight box has a U-shaped light as standard, and the white lid is the fragrance box.

Eliminating odor is not enough. The Gogoro Delight scooter also comes standard with a set of fragrance boxes. The neutral "white tea fragrance" is used, so that owners can be in a good mood every time they opens the glove box. Even raincoats, gloves, helmets can take advantage of the fragrance. In order to enhance the sense of ceremony when opening the glove compartment, the Gogoro Delight is also equipped with a U-shaped ring light to keep the scooter bright. Even if a helmet is worn, it will not block the light, making it easy to organize items.

In terms of safety, Gogoro has not downgraded safety because this is a women's scooter. The Gogoro Delight is currently the only commercially available model in Taiwan that is advertised as a women's car. It is equipped with TCS tracking and an anti-skid system (optional), and can also be equipped with tire pressure detection. With the built-in Gogoro rain smart mode, the risk of skidding in rainy days is greatly reduced.

Many male car owners may not pay attention but female car owners are actually very concerned about the sense of security after parking, especially for people who live in remote areas or need to park in dark alleys, they are very worried about the dark environment, Gogoro Delight provides peace of mind with guardian light Mode. After the motor is turned off, lights will continue to provide illumination and duration can be set through an App.

Gogoro has also developed more than 30 accessories for new scooter models. The curved hook may be favored by female car owners, because the R&D team found that girls are reluctant to hang their bags a regular hook if they use a "slightly" expensive bag because it is easy to wear out leather bags. Therefore, the curved hook is specially developed to match the shape of the handle with a wider gap to reduce the probability of friction and damage to handbag handles.

▲Front crash bumper and curved hook (optional)

Although its appearance looks similar to the Gogoro 2 Delight, this new scooter does have a lot of female-specific details which can be considered by women when buying scooters. After all, this is a new scooter built by a female team. According to internal members, when Gogoro CEO Horace Luke wanted to enter the conference room, he was kicked out by team members on the grounds that "you are not a girl, you don't understand." It can be seen that female dominance of new scooters is so high that this may be a rare car model on the market.

The price of Gogoro Delight starts from as low as NT$62,680 (including tax and government subsidies), which is very competitive. Whether you like this scooter or not, at least there is finally a female scooter on the market that is "not cute." This is also a happy thing for female scooter owners.

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