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On-site Assembly Results, All 111 Nacelles of Changhua Offshore Wind Farm in Place

published: 2022-07-18 9:30

Siemens Gamesa announced on the 18th that it has delivered all 111 wind turbine nacelles in the first phase of the Orsted Greater Changhua 900MW southeast and southwest offshore wind farms. This milestone not only represents the implementation of technology transfer but also demonstrates the substantial achievement of the localization of nacelle assembly ahead of schedule.

Not only is the Siemens Gamesa Taichung nacelle assembly plant, which was completed and began assembly in mid-2021, the first nacelle assembly plant in Taiwan, but is also Siemens Gamesa’s first nacelle assembly plant outside of Europe. After more than a year of hard work, Siemens Gamesa has delivered all 111 SG 8.0-167 DD fan nacelles to Orsted including 75 nacelles assembled locally at the Taichung nacelle assembly plant.

The Siemens Gamesa Taichung nacelle assembly plant has successfully pushed forward production line operation despite the impact of the domestic and foreign Pandemics. Each 8 MW wind turbine nacelle weighs 400 tons including the hub, generator, and backend. The three major nacelle components are assembled, painted and tested by 50 employees. The overall process and customer quality control inspection meet offshore wind power industry standards and are delivered to customers on schedule and with high quality. Orsted pointed out that the current nacelle assembly plant in Taichung can assemble a nacelle in an average of 10 days.

The Siemens Gamesa Taichung cabin assembly plant not only drives the industrial and economic development of Taichung Port Special Zone for Port Industry Development (II), but has also become a cradle for nurturing offshore wind power talent. During this period, about 30 senior Danish technicians journeyed to Taiwan to introduce the production system. Through a mentor apprenticeship system, they effectively carry out technology and experience transfer and cultivated a total of 80 cabin assemblers to receive Siemens Gamesa Technical Training (SGTT) including: hand tool training, cable training, nut tightening training, protection warning training, and fall safety training to perform wind turbine nacelle assembly in compliance with the highest safety and quality.

This month, all 111 wind turbine towers produced by Chin Fong Machine Industrial were delivered and the local assembly of 75 nacelles was also completed on schedule. Not only is this achievement due to the efforts of Orsted, Siemens, and local suppliers, but it is also the best example of public-private cooperation.

 (Image: Siemens Gamesa)


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