EVALUE Releases Fastest Charging Pile in Taiwan, 480kW Greatly Shortens Charging Time

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Taiwanese charging brand EVALUE, on July 13 announced the highest power charging pile in Taiwan at 480 kW. The highest voltage supported by a single charging point is 1 kV, so electric vehicles with high-voltage circuit architecture can be charged faster.

The performance of electric vehicles has been recognized by most people but the biggest concerns at present are battery life and charging time. For this reason, Taiwanese charging brand Evalue has launched the highest-power charging pile in Taiwan at 480 kW to reduce car owners’ charging time with more power.

Electric charging service brand EVALUE, announced the fastest charging pile in Taiwan, providing 480 kW of power with a single charging point, with a charging cable supporting up to 500 amps of current, and can be split according to onsite needs. It can support 4 charging points with a power 240kW ~ 480kW.

The specifications of the charging point can support three interfaces, CCS1, CCS2, and CHAdeMO. If a liquid-cooled charging point is equipped, the pile can achieve an ultra-high current of 500A/960V. In terms of user interface, the charging pile supports RFID and mobile app user identification and can use different charging modes according to calculation methods such as time, power, and amount, and of course there is also an automatic charging mode.

There is no 480kW charging test in Taiwan yet, but taking the 77kWh battery pack of the Kia EV6 as an example, since this car adopts an 800V architecture, foreign car owners actually use a 350kW fast charging pile, which can be charged from 10% to 80% 18 minutes.

▲power fast charging and high-voltage electric vehicles can further shorten charging time

According to on-site measurement at the press conference, after the Mercedes EQS450+ was plugged into the charging point, charging power was displayed at upper limit of 200kW for the car. At the same time, the Kia EV6 is charged simultaneously, and power can reach the upper limit of 280kW, which is just par with 480kW of power.

EVALUE can be said to be the most active leader among third-party charging companies in Taiwan. Its flagship charging station located in Neihu, Taipei City is the first fast-charging parking lot for electric vehicles in Taiwan outside of Tesla. Each parking space of this fast charging station is equipped with 66kW solar panels, which use solar to generate and store energy and then charge electric vehicles, which has a great carbon reduction effect.

At present, various car manufacturers have begun to deploy electric vehicles in Taiwan but most of them have no plans to build their own fast charging stations, instead relying on third-party partners to expand the charging network. EVALUE expects to complete 500 AC chargers and 50 DC fast chargers by the end of 2022 and has also become a partner of Audi, BMW, Kia, Lexus, Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes and Porsche.

In the process of transitioning to all-electric buses in Taiwan, EVALUE has also become a partner of the passenger transport industry. Through high-power fast charging, the company can reduce vehicle preparation time and improve operational efficiency.

In addition to promoting self-built sites and depot sites, EVALUE is also preparing to cooperate with various brands across sectors. Companies with parking spaces such as Tsannkuen, 7-11, and PIAA can build charging piles to increase the number of customers visiting their stores.

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