Nanya Joins Hands with 7-11 to Promote PET Bottle Recycling and Crushing through Polyester Recycling Technology

published: 2022-08-05 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Nanya announced today that the company would be joining hands with President Packaging and President Chain Store Corporation under Uni-President in establishing a “bottle to bottle” PET bottle recycling system in Central and Southern Taiwan, as well as outlying islands. PET bottles are recycled and crushed from the circulating economic resources recyclers installed at 7-11s, before being reborn as new PET bottles through Nanya’s advanced polyester recycling technology, thus achieving a green and renewable circulating supply chain.

The Food and Drug Administration adheres to international approaches by announcing the “Application Process for the Suitability of Reproduced PET Raw Materials for Use of Food Containers and Packaging” on May 12th. Qualified manufacturers are able to utilize recycled PET materials as raw materials for manufacturing food containers, utensils, and packaging. Nanya has obtained FDA and EFSA qualifications, and is now one of the first batch of approved manufacturers.

Nanya commented that the company has been dedicated in recycling and renewing polyester products such as PET bottles since 2017, and is fully committed in developing eco-friendly and sustainable products. The polyester recycling technology, compared to traditional petrochemical processes, is able to reduce approximately 72% of carbon emission. According to statistics, Nanya recycled roughly 14.6 billion PET bottles between 2020 and 2021, and managed to lower 320K tons of carbon emission, which is equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 809 Da’an Forest Parks.

Nanya has established polyester recycling production lines in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, USA, Thailand, and the Philippines. The company yielded about 220K tons of capacity during 2021, and is estimated to climb to 420K tons pertaining to the annual capacity for product recycling in 2023. Nanya aims to stimulate more channel operators and manufacturers in Taiwan to participate in the particular path that will contribute to Taiwan’s exquisite living environment.

 (Cover photo source: Nanya)

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