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Henan Offers Incentives for Installing EV Charging Piles and PV Systems in Logistics Parks and Public Car Parks

published: 2022-08-12 9:30

The website of the government of China’s Henan Province has recently released a notice that listed a series of measures for supporting the development of a strong regional logistics network. In this notice, the provincial government said it is promoting the development of a green and low-carbon logistics network. Therefore, measures have been introduced to support the construction of new EV charging stations and the optimization of the existing transportation infrastructure.

The provincial government currently aims to have the coverage of charging piles extend to encompass the entire provincial highway network. Also, financial incentives are being provided for building charging stations in logistics parks (i.e., clusters of charging piles with an output at 600kW or greater) and public charging stations (i.e., clusters of 20 or more charging piles). For each charging station project, the provincial government can subsidize 30% of the total cost pertaining to the installation of the key pieces of charging equipment.

Moreover, the provincial government is pushing for distributed PV projects on rooftops of warehouses in logistic parks and on canopies of public car parks. These projects, which can be filed with the relevant government agencies at any time for review and approval, will adopt the model of “generation for self-consumption and sales of surplus electricity to the grid.” Additionally, the provincial government can subsidize purchases of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles for expanding or replacing the commercial vehicle fleets that operate out of logistics parks. Besides all these, there is also a one-time provincial subsidy available for multimodal transportation projects.

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