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aifian Joins Hands with Sunnyfounder in Encouraging Bourgeoisie Procurement of Solar Panels to Elevate Green Power

published: 2022-08-12 9:30

aifian, under financial technology startup Adenovo, announced today that the subsidiary will be joining hands with Sunnyfounder to contribute to net zero emission by encouraging bourgeoisie procurement of solar panels with an approximate price of NT$20K per panel and becoming owners of national power plants, thus elevating the ratio of green power generation for Taiwan.

Since Europe’s announcement of the EU Green Deal in 2019, carbon neutrality and net zero emission have become crucial indicators in energy transformation among countries, and more than 198 countries and 713 regions have now promised their net zero emission targets as of 2022. Japan and South Korea announced that they may attain the aforementioned target by 2060 or 2050, while Taiwan also guaranteed in March this year to fully dedicate to achieving net zero emission by 2050.

aifian commented that as a personal asset management platform, transferring and recycling user’s idled assets, as well as reducing resource wastage, and attaining efficacy of carbon neutrality, have always been essential targets of the company. By working with Sunnyfounder this time, aifian hopes to encourage users to join the array of green power generation, and elevate Taiwan’s ratio of green power provision, thus contributing to Taiwan’s accomplishment of the 2050 net zero emission policy.

Sunnyfounder commented that as the first and currently largest national power plant in Taiwan, the company is dedicated in facilitating the public to participate in environmental activities in a simple and straightforward manner, and obtain economic values accordingly. More than 400 national power plants have been established in Taiwan, with more than 40K participants, equaling the carbon reduction from 20 Da’an Forest Parks each year.

Sunnyfounder explained that the national power plant approach allows citizens in becoming owners of power plants by purchasing each single solar panel at about NT$20K, and enjoying 20 years of stable power income. Users are also able to enjoy free installations of solar panels on their idled rooftops that would be used as the base for the national power plants, which offer 20 years of rent income. The two aforementioned participation methods of the public would actuate Taiwan’s green energy development.

aifian announced that users who manage to register at the official website of Sunnyfounder through the exclusive link during the event would receive NT$100 of Sunnyfounder Token, and those who complete the posting task at the fan page of aifian can also go into the draw of winning NT$50, while filling in and submitting the form would also obtain NT$50 from aifian. Procurement of solar panel modules and accumulate 500kWp of capacity before October 15th will acquire NT$50 from aifian.

 (Cover photo source: aifian)

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