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Connecting 15 Supply Chains to Build MIT EVs, Family Mart "FamiMobi" Arrives in Tainan Science Park

published: 2022-08-16 9:30

FamilyMart launched Taiwan's first smart retail electric vehicle (EV) "FamiMobi" which will be the first to drive into Tainan Science Park from August 1st on an initial trial operation basis. FamilyMart sees the needs of more than 90,000 workers in the Tainan Science Park. FamiMobi will officially start trial operation at the end of August. According to the shift system of the factory, the EV will sell products during 4 prime meal times, providing nearly 100 items such as cooked food, various choices of light meals, snacks, drinks, etc. and, in response to the large number of foreign workers in the park, Southeast Asian special meals are also provided. FamiMobi also introduces services such as self-checkout equipment, cross-store pick-up with app purchase, app ordering, and fee collection.

In response to the shift system in the Tainan Science Park, FamiMobi will operate in four dining periods: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper. During the trial operation period, nearly 100 items are available in the EV, including cooked food, freshly brewed coffee, light food, bread, snacks, beverages, etc. Even foreign workers in Tainan Science Park are targeted with Southeast Asian special lunches and snacks to satisfy their taste. In the future, FamilyMart plans to introduce an app to order lunch service, so that Tainan Science Park employees can make online orders and then go to FamiMobi to pick up meals during meal time. This EV is equipped with 2 on-board shop assistants. In addition to manual checkout and bill collection, it also has self-checkout equipment to reduce consumer queue time at checkout.

FamiMobi is also the first mobile convenience store in Taiwan with based from EVs. It was actually developed by FamilyMart in cooperation with the industry and officials. Honorary vice chairman of UMC, John Hsuan connected 15 local EV supply chains with battery, motor, and electronic control all MIT, receiving strong support from Tainan City Government, Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration, and National Development Fund.

FamiMobi conducts tests in Tainan City in sandbox experimental mode, hanging a test license plate, and parking at a fixed point for business. It is estimated that the electric power of the whole vehicle can last for 2 hours. The test point in Tainan Science Park is equipped with charging piles. If it expands to tourist attractions in the future, it will require mobile charging vehicles and other configurations. Battery life, big data collection (such as local consumer purchasing preferences), etc. will be tested initially in the Tainan Science Park, and the next step will be to expand from the Science Park to tourist attractions such as Taijiang National Park and Yuguang Island.

FamiMobi plans three phases to gradually promote this new generation of retail: the first phase will use the innovative application of the combination of EV green energy and technological retail services, so that these services can break through the geographical restrictions of traditional stores, while taking into account the trend of carbon emission and environmental protection. The second stage will extend the application of technology, automatically sense the products purchased by consumers, and complete checkout and payment directly through an App, realizing a zero-touch consumption scenario similar to Amazon Go's "take it and go." This part is still experimental and undergoing laboratory testing. The third stage is to further take advantage of the digital layout of FamilyMart, apply hotspot positioning technology to track consumer hot spots, and take the initiative to take advantage of EVs to deliver services directly to consumers.

Hsueh Dong-du, President FamilyMart convenience store, said that FamilyMart actively uses technology to meet customer needs, and has successively conducted tests through technology concept stores and technology simple accessories stores to find the future of technological retail. This time, FamiMobi implements a cross-border innovative concept of technology retail and green transportation and is the first EV mobile convenience store in the retail industry. He constantly emphasized that "this one will not be the only one" and will not consider opening a mobile convenience store with gasoline vehicles in the future, only using EVs that use green energy.

(Source: FamilyMart)


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