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TrendForce "Global PV Market Trends" Online Seminar Now Open for Registrations

published: 2022-08-24 14:11

The global PV industry is now under an expeditious development and exhibits an overall excellent status as various countries intensively propose policies related to the carbon neutrality target. China, under the synergistic efforts of the dual carbon policy and businesses, is receiving gradual refinement in the PV industry chain, followed by accelerations in technology iterations, and is now one of the global leaders in manufacturing PV products.

With that being said, challenges often coexist alongside opportunities, and China has been enduring significant pressure from numerous factors, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine war, trade conflicts, and political changes, amidst the galloping development of its PV industry. Comprehensively speaking, there is still much to be accomplished for the propulsion of the PV industry.

In order to better probe into development trends of the global PV market and facilitate industrial exchanges, TrendForce’s EnergyTrend will be hosting the "Global PV Market Trends" online seminar at 14:30 on September 27th (Tue) 2022, where multiple representatives of PV businesses, industrial leaders, and senior analysts are invited to share with their insights, and unfold a profound discussion on the focal points of the global PV market, as well as delve into development tendencies of the particular field.

The seminar will be centered on the analyses and discussions of multiple areas, including global PV policies, market activities, industry chain prices, key technology interpretation, and technology development trends. Industrial leaders, at the same time, would organize tendencies pertaining to the development of the global PV market, and offer forward-thinking strategic plans and cogitations for businesses of the industry chain. We look forward to seeing you all at the seminar. Simultaneous interpretation for the seminar is also available for overseas clients.


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