Formosa 2 Completes Installations of Underwater Foundation and Submarine Cables; Over 50% Wind Turbines Now Installed

published: 2022-09-01 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Formosa 2 announced the accomplishment of multiple milestones, which include 100% installations of 47 tubular underwater foundations and submarine cables, with the last unit of tubular underwater foundation structure being installed last Friday, while the submarine cable operation will be concluded today (1st).

Formosa 2 is co-developed by JERA, Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, and Swancor Renewable Energy. Among which, Macquarie’s Green Investment Group is supported by the independent portfolio investing company Corio Generation Taiwan. Formosa 2, upon completion in construction, will sit on a total installed capacity of 376MW that will provide clean wind energy for approximately 380K households each year.

Formosa 2 grasps on all construction scheduled since July this year, and has now installed 27 wind turbines that are more than half of the total, with 8 of them started to generate power and connected to TPC’s grid.

The underwater foundation structures of Formosa 2 are designed according to the unique geological conditions as well as sea status and meteorological properties of the Taiwan Strait, with the factor of being located at an earthquake zone taken into account simultaneously. Each tubular underwater foundation structure can weigh up to 1,581 tons, and is ranked as the highest variation in the world at 91m. The installation of 46 tubular underwater foundations for Formosa 2 was completed between April and August 26th this year.

Each pile of Formosa 2’s tubular underwater foundation measures at roughly 2.4m in diameter, as well as 277 tons in weight, and approximately 78.9m in length. The piling process for 188 piles was completed in August this year. The underwater foundation structure of Formosa 2 is concatenated by 47-string submarine cable arrays, and electricity is transmitted to the onshore substation through four output cables. The submarine cable array and output submarine cables combine to 114km in total length, and all submarine cables have a voltage of 69kV.

 (Photo source: Formosa 2)

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