Taiwan Cement Activates First Forestry Charger in Taipei Equipped with CCS1 Adapter

published: 2022-09-12 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Taiwan Cement’s charging brand NHOA.TCC will activate the first “forestry” charger at the renowned Zhishan Park in Taipei City tomorrow. Users are able to experience the CCS1 adapter that is most anticipated among TPC car owners, and board the observatory during charging to overlook Yangmingshan National Park’s greenery.

NHOA.TCC that appeals auto and mental charging does not advertise ultra-high power, but rather enjoys new values of the low-carbon and sustainable lifestyle alongside EV owners who prioritize environmental protection. NHOA.TCC allows cogitation from multiple parties, and ponders if Taiwan, under prolonged period of power shortages, should march from pursuance of efficiency to utilization of efficiency, and minimizes unnecessary waste by slowing down when necessary, so as to conserve energy.

The low-carbon NHOA.TCC Zhishan Station integrates solar power and energy storage, and stabilizes the grid. The station has four parking spots, and adopts two of Phihong’s DC fast charging pile at CCS1/CCS2, with a converter for CCS1 to TPC also available at the scene.

NHOA.TCCC emphasizes the user experience of car owners, and has thus adopted a charging process design that is closest to the Plug & Charge method. Car owners can reserve for the charging service through LINE (charging membership required firsthand) 30 minutes before arriving at the station, and the auto recognition display at the parking spot would indicate the reserved plate number, where the voice assistance would also facilitate swift parking.

Car owners can plug in the charging pile and begin charging after pressing the charge button on the LINE app without having to worry about other cars occupying the spot or lack of charging spots. In order to avoid long occupancy, NHOA.TCC will start enforcing the occupancy mechanism since October 13th so as to protect the charging rights of all EV owners.

In addition, the Zhishan Station will offer three major bargains between September 13th and 22nd, including 1) a charging fee of NT$9.2/kWh, and eligibility to enter a raffle for NT$100 of charging credit after charging for 15kWh, 2) a chance to win a two-person breakfast at five-star hotel Palais de Chine Hotel, and 3) a free iceSpring ice-block when charging at the Zhishan Station during the first week of opening.

 (Cover photo source: Taiwan Cement)

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