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GAC Group’s Aion Announced First Super Sports Car Hyper SSR in China with 0 to 100 Acceleration in Less than 2 Seconds

published: 2022-09-19 9:30

GAC Group’s NEV brand Aion announced the first super sports car Hyper SSR on the 18th that comes with various high-end specifications.

Aion has been performing remarkably in recent years, and even announced its sports car-exclusive brand Hyper and the first model Hyper SSR on the 18th.

Hyper SSR is configured with high-end specifications, including a four-in-one motor that is estimated to have a two-speed gearbox, coupling with a four-motor drive that generates 1,225 hp, as well as a torque of 12,000 Nm, and a full carbon fiber car body. The highest variation Ultimate takes merely 1.9 seconds from 0 to 100.

In addition, Hyper SSR also comes with fully automatic butterfly doors, as well as a 14.6” central display and an 8.8” digital dashboard. The manufacturer also released AI raceway technology, allowing drivers to transform into professional racers as soon as they sit on the driver’s seat.

This super sports car not only surpasses Tesla’s Model S Plaid in horsepower, but also exceeds Porsche’s 800V architecture regarding in-vehicle circuit system by adopting a 900V SiC architecture. With various extraordinary specifications, the Ultra variation of Hyper SSR costs merely RMB 1.686 million (approx. NT$7.55 million), which is far more affordable compared to European sports cars.

GAC expects to deliver in October next year. Will this China-made sports car eliminate all competitors? The answer may disappoint you.

We have seen a lot of specifications and data pertaining to electric sports cars over the past decade, as well as presentations on cars that exceed 1000 in horsepower, surpass 1000km in driving range, or fully rely on solar. A powerful EV like Hyper SSR needs to be configured with a driving range similar to that of Model S Plaid or Lucid Air, where perfect aerodynamics and ultra-large battery units are also essential.

Even if we exclude any information regarding battery capacity, driving range, and drag coefficient for Hyper SSR, an acceleration from 0-100 would definitely consumer a lot of batteries, and 50% of the capacity may go down the drain before the maximum speed is achieved.

It remains to be seen just how this vehicle would perform when it is being shipped out. After all, it looks good enough already just by parking it on the side of the road.

 (Cover photo source: GAC)

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