To Encourage Adoption of Solar PV Among Enterprises, Beijing’s Tongzhou District Will Support Rooftop PV Projects at Local Factory Sites

published: 2022-11-16 9:30 | editor: | category: News

On November 9, the government of Beijing’s Tongzhou District released a notice about a three-year (2022-2024) action plan for the development of advanced manufacturing businesses in the sub-centers of the greater Beijing metropolitan area. The notice brought up green benchmarks for assessing local economic development efforts. These benchmarks, in turn, align with the national standard for a green development demonstration zone. The government of Tongzhou District will be supporting local companies in their overall efforts to save energy and cut emissions. It will also be evaluating their progress in “greening” themselves. Furthermore, a list of related local projects will be compiled. The news about the release of this notice was first reported by other Chinese renewable energy news websites.

Tongzhou District is currently carrying out the trial implementation of its subsidy management program for projects related to the green transformation and upgrading of factories. An “incubator” has been set up to help enterprises develop their green projects. Going forward, the local government will be committing more resources to encourage the businesses within its jurisdiction to achieve carbon neutrality, transition to renewable energy, and replace their existing manufacturing technologies with greener counterparts. The notice pointed out that a group of companies led by Mengniu Dairy will be demonstrating the deployment of green technologies at factory sites. These companies are also the targets of the subsidy management program.

Moreover, the government of Tongzhou District is encouraging the adoption of solar PV as well as the reuse of the residual heat and energy from working equipment. To that end, “PV + Factory” is now being promoted as a viable business model for manufacturing companies. Specifically, Tongzhou District will be developing several distributed rooftop PV projects as well as micro-grids that receive and distribute PV electricity. At the same time, the local government will push the companies that are operating within its jurisdiction to optimize their energy supply systems and formulate a plan for achieving carbon neutrality. To encourage local businesses to proactively take concrete actions with respect low-carbon development, the local government will establish a certification scheme. It is hoped that by 2024, Tongzhou District will have eight green factory sites and three companies that are certified to have achieved carbon neutrality.

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