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What About The Photovoltaic Glass Price After October?

published: 2022-11-17 20:01

As of 31st October, the new daily melting amount of photovoltaic glass in October is 4400 tons/day, and the existing national capacity is 74,550 tons/day.

According to SMM’s statistics, if photovoltaic glass projects can be implemented as scheduled after hearing, the new daily melting amount will reach 60220 tons/day by the end of 2022 with an increase of 259.16% year-on-year. In October, China added 4200 tons/day of production capacity.

Though there are some new capacities coming, the price of photovoltaic glass remains stable without influence. Due to the increasing module demands, the inventory of glass has been down to some extent, even less than a week ‘s inventory for part of businesses. The supply is slightly under the module demands. According to the production schedule of modules in November, businesses still improve the rate of operation. Besides, the heating season is coming resulting in the increase of fuel cost. Because of the high demands and the increasing cost, glass businesses plan to raise the product price. Individual enterprises took the lead in issuing notices that the price of photovoltaic glass would increase by RMB3/㎡ from November 1st. Although there is no information from leading enterprises, the rise in price can basically be confirmed, and the details depend on the game between the upper and lower.

Source: SMM

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