More Than 4% Increase in Solar Conversion Just By Adding Natural Algae Materials

published: 2022-11-18 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Algica, an algae material developed by a Swedish startup, claims to possess relatively distinctive light manipulation, and can be applied on silicon solar and as an anti-reflective coating for dye-sensitized solar power that will effectively elevate conversion efficiency and lower module prices.

The conversion efficiency of solar power can be risen by ways that include development and improvement on existing batteries, as well as R&D on new solar cells. Swedish startup Swedish Algae Factor, however, has come up with a much faster solution, which extracts silicon dioxide crust materials that are added to the sealants of silicon solar modules, or the anti-reflective coating of organic dye-sensitized solar cells, where respective efficiency is elevated by 4% and 36%.

The algae crusts are also likely to reduce degradation in solar cells caused by UV as time goes by. The team estimated that new module is 3.9% cheaper than current commercial modules.

The research team has now established a pilot factory in Sweden that is dedicated to mass production, and is expected to plant 500kg of algae each year, before climbing to 1,000kg. The current greenhouse produces 30kg of algae each year. What the research team also ensures are 100% closed loop production procedures, eco-friendly materials, recyclable and reusable water, as well as absorption of carbon dioxide and output of sustainable and organic biomasses.

 (Cover photo source: European Commission)

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