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LONGi Denies Circumvention of US Duties and Claims No Effects on Mid-to-Long Term Plans by End Results

published: 2022-12-05 9:30

Chinese solar manufacturer LONGi commented today (5th) that evidence will be provided in order to prove its compliance with US laws in regard to the US Department of Commerce’s circumvention measures.

The US Department of Commerce commented last Friday (2nd) that the country will be imposing new duties on the imported products by LONGi and three other Chinese solar suppliers. According to the preliminary ruling of the previous investigation, these aforementioned companies had attempted to circumvent duties by assembling and completing their products in Southeast Asian countries for the purpose of illicit transshipment.

LONGi pointed out that the company will actively provide evidence to validate its compliance with US trade laws through the next several months where the US Department of Commerce is unfolding on-site examinations in confirming the authenticity of the information. The three other companies that were pointed out by the department, including BYD, Trina Solar, and Canadian Solar, have been included in the preliminary ruling, with no further responses as of yet.

As reported by Reuters, the finalization of the ruling next year means that the US would start to impose duties on Chinese companies for their products that are produced in Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The two-year exemption proposed by US President Joe Biden this year will become effective starting from June 2024. LONGi emphasizes that the company is currently putting efforts in expanding its strategic deployment of global businesses, including improvement in the production and supply chain of the US market, and commented, “The end results will not impact our mid-to-long term plans for the US market.”

 (Cover photo source: pixabay)

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