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Northeast Monsoon Facilitates 1GW Wind Power Generation for 12 Consecutive Hours

published: 2022-12-14 9:30

The simultaneous advancement of onshore and offshore wind power has led to an all-time high in instantaneous wind power generation, for which TPC commented had exceeded 1GW for the first time on November 23rd, before arriving at 1.173GW on the 30th, which is an increase of more than 50% compared to the maximum instantaneous power generation last year at 0.7679GW. Power generation was stable on the 30th, and lasted more than 12 hours at more than 1GW as of 3 p.m..

TPC explained that the strengthened northeast monsoon had resulted in excellent power generation efficiency for wind turbines. Instantaneous power generation had surpassed 1GW at about 3 a.m. on November 30th, before climbing to an all-time high to 1.173GW at 5:15 a.m., which occupied roughly 5% of the overall load then. Among which, onshore and offshore wind power had gone up to 0.57GW and 0.603GW respectively. Offshore wind turbines are gradually becoming the main driver of wind power amidst successive operation.

TPC’s wind power installations had arrived at a capacity of 1.41GW as of the end of October, which is more than a twofold growth compared to 0.682GW back in 2016.

TPC pointed out that a total of 21 wind turbines from the first phase of its offshore wind power project had all completed and connected to the grid last year, while the second phase had also initiated construction in the beginning of November, and is expected to generate 1 billion kWh of power each year after grid connection in 2025. Private businesses are also in full throttle for their wind power projects such as the Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farm and the phase 1 of the Changfang Offshore Wind Farm. Including the 0.4037GW of development target from TPC’s in-house sites, Taiwan is expected to arrive at 5.6GW of offshore wind power capacity by 2025.

TPC further pointed out that the company has been heavily engaged in the development of onshore wind power since 2001, and has now installed 168 wind turbines (total capacity of 0.29704GW), with locations ranging from Shimen of New Taipei City, to Hengchun of Pingtung, and coastal areas in the west, as well as Penghu and Kinmen. TPC is also actively actuating onshore wind farm sites in Yunlin, second phase of Taichung Port Wind Farm, and 4th phase of Chang Gong Wind Power Station, and is expected to accomplish 0.37GW of capacity development by 2025.

 (Cover photo source: TechNews)

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